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Ph.D. Qian XIE Testing Director, Standardization Development Research Center, China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI), Beijing


 Holds Ph.D. degree from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a Testing Director of fundamental software interoperability Test in China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI), a nonprofit institution engaged in standardization and conformity assessment activities in the field of electronic information technologies. Authorized by government competent departments, CESI organizes to develop national and industrial standards for electronic information technologies based on the principle of consensus and transparency, and to participate in the international standardization activities in the field of electronic information technologies to safeguard legitimate national interests.
 He participates in China Linux Standardization Work Group as an independent technical expert, and is in charge of standard architecture research.
 Besides Linux and Open Source Software standardization, his research interests also include Linux internationalization. He has worked as a general designer and a principal developer on a Linux localization project for Chinese ethnic minorities, which produced Tibetan, Mongolia, and Uigur Linux distributions.


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