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Dr. Rainer ESSER Chief Executive Officer, DIE ZEIT; Managing Director, DvH Medien GmbH


1975-1977 Trainee with Deutsche Bank AG in Hannover
1977-1982 Law Studies in Munich, Geneva and London
1982-1983 Master of Law the University of Gerogia in Athens, USA
1986 Second Legal State Examination
1986-1987 Education as Editor at Deutsche Journalistenschule (German Journalists School) in Munich
1987-1989 Lawyer at the international law offices Nörr, Stiefenhofer & Lutz, Munich and
  Stegemann, Sieveking & Lutteroth, Hamburg
1989 PhD in International Law at the University of Regensburg
1989-1992 Editor in Chief at Bertelsmann International, Munich (Spotlight, Ecoute, ECOS and ADESSO)
1995-1999 Managing Director of Main-Post Publishing House, Würzburg
since 1999 CEO of DIE ZEIT
since 2011 Managing Director of DvH Medien GmbH (DIE ZEIT, Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, Tagesspiegel)