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Renat HEUBERGER Chief Executive Officer, South Pole, Zurich


1996-2002 Master Degree, Environmental Science, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
1999-2000 Advisor, Urban Air Quality Monitoring, Swisscontact, Jakarta
2000 Advisor, Clean Air Campagin for Public Officers, USAID, Jakarta
2001-2002 Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board, World Student Community on Sustainable Development
2001-2005 Co-Founder and Board Member, seed sustainability, Zurich
2003 Consultant for the Designated National Authority of Uruguay, Climate Change Unit, Montevideo
2003-2004 Energy and Climate Unit, WWF Switzerland, Zurich
2002-2006 Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, myclimate Foundation, Zurich
 Since 2006 Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, South Pole, Zurich
2004-2008 Private Lecturer for Environmental Policy and Economics, University of Applied Science, W├Ądenswil
2012 Executive Education Program on Social Entrepreneurship, INSEAD, Singapore