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B.S. J.D. Richard SCHIFTER Chairman, International Relations Commission, American Jewish Committee


 Lawyer, ambassador (U.S. Representative on UN Human Rights Commission, Deputy U.S. Representative in UN Security Council)
 Assistent Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
 Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
 Special Adviser to the Secretary of State


Council on Foreign Relations
American Bar Association


Is There a Democracy Gene? in: Washington Quarterly
The Cause of Freedom, in: Mediterranean Quarterly
America's Commitment to Human Rights in Foreign Policy, in: Morality and Expediency in International and Corporate Relations
The Challenge of Intervention, in: Thinking Anew: International Humanitarian Intervention


Distinguished Service Award of the Secretary of State
Großes Goldenes Ehrenzeichen mit dem Stern, Austria
Ordinul Steaua Romaniei, Comandor, Romania