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Ph.D. Robert C. MARLAY Director, Science and Technology Policy, U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Director, U.S. Climate Change Technology Program


1966-1969 Engineering Aid (Coop. Work-Study Program), Naval Air Rework Facility, Norfolk, VA
1969 B.S.E., Duke University
since 1969 Naval Service (Current - Rear Admiral, Civil Engineer Corp (CEC), U.S. Naval Reserve (USNR))
1969-1974 Naval Officer, Civil Engineer Corps, U.S. Navy (Active Duty)
1971 Master of City Planning, MIT
1971 M.S., MIT
since 1974 Registered Professional Engineer
1974-1977 Engineer, Office of Industrial Programs, Federal Energy Administration
1977-1983 Engineer and Energy Policy Specialist, Office of Policy, U.S. DOE
1983 Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1983-1985 Special Assistant to Dep. Assist. Secretary for Energy Conservation R&D, U.S. DOE
1985-1989 Senior Scientist, Office of Energy Research, U.S. DOE
1990-1991 Senior Career Official and Staff Director, National Energy Strategy, U.S. DOE
1991-1992 Director, Office of Program Review and Analysis, U.S. DOE
1993-1996 Director, Office of Science Policy, U.S. DOE