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Array Robin CHASE Co-Founder, Zipcar and Veniam; Author "Peers Inc"


1981-1991 Consultant, JSI 1995-1998 Managing Editor, Public Health Reports 2000-2003 Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zipcar 2004-2005 Fellow, Loeb Fellowship, Harvard GSD 2004-2005 Board Member, Zipcar 2006 Member, Boston Mayor's Wireless Task Force 2005-2009 Chief Executive Officer, Meadow Networks, Cambridge, MA 2006-2010 Chief Executive Officer, GoLoco 2008-2011 Member, Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Advisory Group, Washington D.C. 2009-2010 Transportation Working Group, World Economic Forum since 2009 Advisory Board Member, World Resources Institute, Washington D.C. 2010-2013 National Advisory Committee of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, US Department of Commerce 2011-2014 Co-Founder and Board Member, Buzzcar, Paris since 2012 Co-Founder and Board Member, Veniam since 2014 Member of the Board, Tucows, Toronto since 2015 Sharing Economy Advisory Board Member, Internet Society of China since 2016 Sharing Economy Advisory Board Member, City of Seoul