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Dr. Ruzica BOGDANOVIC President, Belgrade Town Planners Association, Belgrade


 Dr. Ruzica Bogdanovi holds BSc, Specialization, MS and Ph.D. in Urban and Spatial Planning from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia).
1969 Dr. Bogdanovic obtained a BSc degree, with a thesis: "Preliminary Town Planning Design and a Detailed Plan for Reconstruction of Trstenik on Peljesac".
1969-1972 She worked first as a trainee and then as an architect in the design and construction company Invest Biro, on designing and implementing a number of architectural projects, town planning solutions, programs and competitions.
1973 She obtained a Specialization, with a research: "Elements for Urban Monograph of Pristina".
1978 She obtained a MSc degree, with a thesis: "Possibility of Semiological Research - Case Study of Belgrade, Investigating the Transformation of Traditional Heritage and its Participation in the Formation of the Contemporary City", at the University of Belgrade.
1975 She took up the position as Assistant in the Department for Urbanism and Traffic, at the Faculty of Transport in Belgrade, where she nowadays holds a Professorial position in Urbanism.
1987 She obtained her Ph.D., with a dissertation: "Streets - Structure and Typology: Case study of Belgrade Streets" at the University of Belgrade.