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Sergei MITROKHIN Chairman, Yabloko Party, Moscow


1987-1991 One of the founders and authors of independent newspaper Chronograph
1990-1995 Deputy Head, International Institute of Humanitarian and Political Research
1994-2003 Member, State Duma, Yabloko faction
2003 Member, Commission for Control Over Imports of Spent Radio-Active Fuel into Russia
2005-2009 Deputy of the Moscow City Duma, head of the Yabloko faction
2001-2008 Deputy Chair, YABLOKO party
since 2008 Elected Chairman, Russian United Democratic Party YABLOKO
 The key activities as Chair of the liberal opposition party include public campaign and public actions for strengthening democracy and overcoming Stalinism, protection of human rights, defending cultural heritage and environment, protection of social rights, anti-corruption initiatives, a number of foreign policy initiatives (joint ABM, elimination of visa regime between Russia and EU), development of anti-crisis proposals and reforms for different sectors of economy.