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Sören JESSEN-PETERSEN Chairman of the Stability Pact Steering Committee on Migration, Asylum and Regional Return matters in the Western Balkans, Geneva


 Master of Law, Bachelor of Philosophy
1972-2001 UNHCR
1972-1977 served with UNHCR in Africa (Zambia, Egypt and Ethiopia)
1981-1982 Chief of Secretariat of UNHCR's Executive Committee
1983-1984 Executive Secretary of the Second International Conference on Assistance to Refugees in Africa (ICARA II)
1985 Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Conference on Asylum-Seekers and Refugees in Europe
1986-1989 opened the UNHCR Regional Office for Nordic Countries as High Commissioner's Regional Representative, Stockholm
1989 Special Advisor to the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and as a member of the Secretary-General's Task Force on the process leading to the independence of Namibia
1990-1993 Chef de Cabinet of the High Commissioner in UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva; main political and diplomatic adviser to the High Commissioner
1993 Chairman of UNHCR's Appointments, Promotions and Postings Board
1992-1994 Director of External Relations
1995-1996 the High Commissioner's Special Envoy to the former Yugoslavia, based in Sarajevo; responsible for developing the strategy and overseeing the implementation of Annex VII of the Dayton Peace Agreement
1994-1998 Director of the UNHCR Liaison Office at the United Nations Headquarters, New York
1998-2001 Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees at UNHCR Headquarters in Geneva; 80 missions to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe


Which future - The Global Refugee Situation
Migration and the New Europe
Sharing the Frontline and the Bach Hills


Nobel Peace Prize, Office of UNHCR, 1981