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BA, M.Sc., MBA Stephane HOGAN Head of Unit for Biotechnology and Applied Genomics, DG Research, European Commission, Brussels


 Stéphane Hogan holds a BA in science (Genetics) and a Masters in Biotechnology from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, as well as an MBA from the Open University. After several years in research and later in journalism, he worked for the Rhône-Poulenc group in France in the area of scientific communication, before joining the European Commission s DG Research in 1996.
 He is currently Head of Unit for Biotechnology and Applied Genomics, in the "Health" Directorate, which has the task of managing priority 1 - Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health - in the 6th Framework programme (2003-2006).
 The European Commission is now preparing the 7th Framework programme. In that context, the unit headed by Stéphane Hogan is focussed on establishing of a joint technology initiative for Innovative Medicines to tackle, in partnership with industry, the problem of drug development duration and cost.