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B.A., M.A. Susan KNOX Executive Director, Europa Donna - The European Breast Cancer Coalition, Milan


1968-1978 Menorah Home and Hospital for the Aged, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Director of Therapeutic Activities and five years as Assistant Executive Director
1979-1991 Citybank NA, Vice President in the Consumer Division; five years in N.Y. as Manager of Park 46 St. Ann headquarters branches of the bank; five years in Italy as Director of the Personal Banking Group and V.P for Strategic Planning
1991-1998 Independent Financial Consulting, Milan, Italy
 In addition she is involved in the following projects and programmes:
 Project Director for Europa Donna for EBCN - European Breast Cancer Network Project
 Project Director for Europa Donna on Network of Excellence TransBIG Project
 Project Director for Europa Donna for ECN - European Cancer Network Project