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Ph.D. Susi MERET Associate Professor, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Aalborg


2001-2008 PhD. Fellow, AMID - Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark, Aalborg University, Aalborg
2009-2010 Research Assistant, Department of History, International and Social Studies, Aalborg University, Aalborg
2010-2014 Assistant Professor, Migration Policies, CoMID - Centre for the Studies of Migration and Diversity; Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Aalborg
2011-2015 Project Leader, "NOPO - Nordic Populism", Aalborg University, Aalborg
2012-2014 Project participant, "RAGE - Hate Speech and Populist 'Othering' through the racism, age and gender looking glass"
2012-2015 Project Participant, "Ideological transformations, organizational development and mainstream reactions. A comparison of populist parties in four Nordic countries", Aalborg University, Aalborg
2013 Field-work activity among forced and survival migrants in Rosarno; Lamezia; Riace; Hamburg; Berlin; Hanover
2014-2015 Post.doc., Aalborg University, Aalborg
since 2015 Associate Professor, Migration Processes, Ethnic Relations, Comparative Politics, Aalborg University, Aalborg
Network partner, "Borderscapes, memory and migration: cultural representations of forced migration"


Meret, S: Charismatic female leadership and gender : Pia Kjærsgaard and the Danish People's Party., Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 49, No. 1-2, 03.2015, p. 81-102.
Meret, S.;Siim, B.:Right wing populism in Denmark: People, nation and welfare in the construction of the 'Other' , In: Lazaridis, G.; Benveniste, A.; Campani, G. (eds.): The Rise of the Far Right in a Europe under crisis: Populist Shifts and 'Otherting, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016
Meret, S.; Della Corte, E.: Spaces of resistance and re-actualities of Gramsci in present-day migrants' struggles for rights: The 'Lampedusa in Hamburg' between exit and voice, In: Bak Jørgensen, M.; Garcia Augustin, O. (eds.): Solidarity Without Borders, PlutoPress, 2016