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Dr. Sylvia HARTL Vizepräsidentin, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Pneumologie, Wien


1982-1992 Medical Degree at the University of Vienna and specialist training for Pneumology and specialist training for Critical Care Medicine
since 1992 Senior Consultant at the Dep. Of Resp. and Crit. Care Otto Wagner Hospital Vienna
1989- 1998 Secretary of the Austrian Society of Pneumology
1998- 2004 Secretary General of the Austrian Scientific
  Society of Pneumology
2004- 2006 Steering Committee of the Forum of European Respiratory Societies
2006- 2010 Secretary General of the European Respiratory Society
2011-2013 Presidential cycle of the Austrian Society of Pneumology


European Respiratory Society
American Thoracic Society
Network of Health Promoting Hospitals


European Respiratory Society MD PhD programme in respiratory science O. Eickelberg, G. Laurent, L.P. Nicod, S. Hartl and N.M. Siafakas on behalf of the ad hoc committee Eur Respir J 2010 36:229 230
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Hartl S, Heindl W, Lahrmann H, Kink E, Oberwaldner B, Pfleger A, Schreiber W, Studnicka M, Wild M, Zach MS. [Provisions for long-term at home ventilated patient: consensus recommendations of the Austrian Society for Pneumology Wien Klin Wochenschr.116 Suppl 3:1-20, 2004
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