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Dr. Ulrich SCHULTE-STRATHAUS Secretary General, Association of European Airlines, Brussels


1981 Joined Lufthansa as the manager responsible for collective labour negotiations
1982 Appointed Liaison Officer to the EEC, reporting directly to the airline's CEO on European political affairs
1988 Appointed Head of Industry Relations in Lufthansa's newly created Marketing Division. As Head of Passenger and Cargo Tariffs, he was Lufthansa's representative at International Air Transport Association (IATA) Tariff Consultations. He focused his attention on readjusting Lufthansa s tariff policy to meet the new European Union (EU) legal requirements in an otherwise largely regulated international environment
1992 Appointed Vice President Corporate International Relations and Government Affairs. He successfully enlisted political support for Lufthansa's privatization. He also developed, and subsequently implemented a policy, which, endorsed by the company's Board, helped pave the way for the German Government to negotiate an Open Skies agreement with the United States of America. Furthermore, he was pivotal in securing regulatory approval from the EU Competition Authorities for the company s alliance arrangements with United Airlines, of the United States of America, and other European carriers. He carried out numerous functions within the industry's associations before being appointed Secretary General of the Association of European Airlines by the CEOs of the Association in September 2002. Given his personal international background, network of contacts with policy makers, professional experience and knowledge of the aviation sector, he strengthened the role, and increased the political clout, of the association. He was deeply involved in developing a visionary concept of an 'Open Aviation Area' for the transatlantic market, which became the template for the Council of Transport Ministers' mandate to and the EU Commission s ultimately successful negotiations of, a comprehensive aviation agreement between the EU and the USA. Together with the association s member airlines, he developed a political 'AEA Action Plan' which focused the aeropolitical debate of the aviation sector with the EU institutions on key political objectives.


Alumni of the Harvard Business School
Non-executive member of several boards of directors of renowned institutions
Member of the British Aviation Club