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Mag. Ulrike RABMER-KOLLER Vice President, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Vienna


1985-1990 Business Administration, Johannes Kepler University, Linz
1990-1991 Internship, Pipe Liners Inc., New Orleans, USA
1991-1992 Managing International Subsidaries, Engel Austria
since 1992 Rabmer Group; 1992 Commercial Director, 1996 Co-Owner and Single Proxy, since 1999 Managing Director of several national and international subsidiaries
1993-2000 Member, Board of Directors, Raiffeisenbank Altenberg
1997-2005 Member, City Council, Altenberg and Linz
2002-2004 Chairwoman, Board of Directors Norditube SA, Sweden
2002-2003 Deputy Chairperson, Young Entrepreneurs (Junge Wirtschaft OÖ)
since 2002 General Manager, Rabmer Group, Altenberg
2003-2015 Vice President, WKOÖ - Economic Chamber Upper Austria
2004-2010 Member, Supervisory Board, Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ
2007-2015 President, Environmental Technology Cluster, Upper Austria
2009-2015 Member, Economic Board, Diözese Linz
2010-2016 President, "Women in Business - Upper Austria"
2011-2015 Deputy Chairperson, Federal Division for Skilled Crafts and Trades
Vice President, UEAPME - European Association of SMEs, Skilled Crafts and Trades and Chair, UEAPME Committee for Sustainable Development
since 2011 Sole Shareholder, Rabmer Group, Altenberg
2013-2015 Member, High Level Group KET - Key Enabling Technologies
2014-2016 Member, Advisory Council, ACR - Austrian Cooperative Research
2015-2017 Chairwoman, Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions
since 2015 Vice President, WKÖ - Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
2016-2017 Chairwoman, Supervisory Board, SVC GmbH, Vienna
since 2016 President, UEAPME - European Association of SMEs, Skilled Crafts and Trades


Presidency Member, Wirtschaftsbund Austria
Presidency Member, Wirtschaftsbund Upper Austria
Management Club, Upper Austria
Women in Business, Upper Austria
AATT - Austrian Association for Trenchless Technology
Federation of Austrian Industries, Upper Austria (Industriellenvereinigung OÖ)
Rotary Club Vienna


Senator JCI - Junior Chamber International (2003)
Upper Austrian Decoration of Honour in Silver (2016)