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Dr. Urs FISCHBACHER Chair of Applied Research in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Konstanz


1982 Diploma in Mathematics, University of Zurich
1985 PhD in Mathematics, University of Zurich
1985-1987 Software Developer, Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Greifensee
1987-1991 Software Developer, Mecasoft SA, Zurich
1991-1995 Researcher, Swiss Federal Institute WSL, Birmensdorf
1995-2007 Researcher, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich
2006 Habilitation in Economics, University of Zurich
 Since 2007 Full Professor of Economics, University of Konstanz; Head of Thurgau Institute of Economics, Kreuzlingen
2012-2019 Research Group Psychoeconomics, Processing Social Preferences, German Research Foundation
 Since 2015 Coordinator, Graduate School of Decision Sciences, University of Konstanz


2004-2007 Executive Committee, Economic Science Association
2009-2015 Vice-President of Information, Economic Science Association


Fischbacher, U., Föllmi-Heusi, F.: Lies in Disguise - an Experimental Study on Cheating, Journal of the European Economic Association, 11:525-547, Oxford University Press, 2013
Bartling, B., Fischbacher, U.: Shifting the Blame: On Delegation and Responsibility, The Review of Economic Studies, 79:67-87, Oxford University Press, 2012
Fischbacher, U., Gächter, S.: Social Preferences, Beliefs, and the Dynamics of Free Riding in Public Goods Experiments, American Economic Review. 100:541-556, 2010
Falk, A., Fischbacher, U.: A Theory of Reciprocity. Games and Economic Behavior, 54:293- 315, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2006


Joachim Herz Wirtschaftspreis, 2016
Listed, Highly Cited Researcher, 2016
Listed, Highly Cited Researcher, 2014