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Mag. Mag. Dr. Victoria HÖSS Assistant Professor, Department for Public Health & HTA, UMIT, Hall in Tirol


 Since 2007 Assistant Professor, Division for Health Policy, Law and Administration, Department for Public Health & HTA,
 UMIT, Hall in Tirol


Society for Medical Decision Making
European Health Management Association
Österr. Gesellschaft für Public Health


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Hoess V, Stummer H, Staudinger R. (2011). "Ökonomischer Nutzen von Krankenhausfusionierungen" Gesundheitsökonomie & Qualitätsmanagement, vol. 16(3):178-81.
Hoess V. (2012). "Performance of merged hospitals". ECHE, Zürich.
Hoess V., Pfeifer B., Siebert U. (2012). "How integrating economic data in infectious disease spreading models can help to save lifes and costs! A conceptual framework for a health policy model" SMDM, Oslo.