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Dr. Viviane REDING Member, European Parliament; Member, European People's Party Group (Christian Democrats), Brussels


Doctor of human sciences, Sorbonne, Paris 1978-1999 Journalist, Luxemburger Wort 1986-1998 President, Luxembourg Union of Journalists 1979-1989 Member of Luxembourg Parliament: - President of social committee - Member of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies - Member of the Assembly of Benelux Parliaments - Member of the North Atlantic Assembly 1981-1999 City councillor, city of Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg; President of Cultural Affairs Committee (1992-1999) 1988-1993 National president of Christian-Social Women, Luxembourg 1995-1999 Vice-president, PCS (Parti Chrétien-Social), Luxembourg 1989-1999 Member of the European Parliament: - President of the Petitions Committee (1989-1992) - Vice-president of Social Committee (1992-1994) - Vice-president of Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs Committee (1997-1999) - Head of Luxembourg delegation to EPP - Member of EPP group office 1999-2004 Member of the European Commission with responsibility for education, culture, youth, media and sport 2004-2010 Member of the European Commission with responsibility for the information society and media 2010-2014 Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship since 2014 Member of the European Parliament