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Volkan VURAL Board Member, T√úSIAD - Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association; Counselor to Chairman, Dogan Holding, Istanbul


1964 University of Ankara, Faculty of Political Sciences
1964-1968 Third and second Secretary at the Economics Department in the Turkish Foreign Service
1968-1970 First Secretary, Turkish Embassy, Seoul, South Korea
1971-1973 Consul, Turkish Consulate General, Munich
1973-1976 Head of Section, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara
1976-1982 Deputy Head, Political Department, NATO International Secretariat (Bruxelles) on Secondment from the Turkish Foreign Office
1982-1986 General Director of Economics Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara
1987-1988 Ambassador of Turkey to the Islamic Republic of Iran
1988-1993 Ambassador of Turkey to the Soviet Union and later to the Russian Federation
1993-1995 Ambassador, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister on foreign and national security issues
1995-1998 Ambassador of Turkey to the Federal Republic of Germany
1998-2000 Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations, New York
2000-2003 State Secretary for European Union Affairs
2003-2006 Ambassador of Turkey to the Kingdom of Spain
2006 Retired from the Turkish Foreign Service
since 2007 Advisor to the President of the Dogan Group of Companies