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Mag.rer.nat Wilfried POHL Head of Research, Bartenbach GmbH, Aldrans


 Studied mathematics and physics
1985 started at Bartenbach GmbH
since 1998 Member of Managing Board and Director Research, dealing with R&D for day- and artificial lighting, including
  visual perception and light and health
 Leader of various international planning and R&D-projects in these fields, lecturer at different universities.


LiTG - Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft e.V.
LTG - Lichttechnische Gesellschaft Österreichs
IES - Illuminating Engineering Society
DGNB - German Sustainable Building Council
AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies
OPEV - Österreichischer Innovatoren, Patentinhaber & Erfinderverband


From Digital Lighting to Smart Lighting Smart Lighting; Smart Lighting Conference, Barcelona 2014
Spectral Quality - Einfluss des Spektrums auf den Menschen; LICHT 2014, Den Haag
Licht und Technologie: Licht im Wandel; Architekturjournal wettbewerbe, Juli 2015
Lighting with LEDs - More than just Illuminating Objects; LpR50, July 2015