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Wojciech PRZYBYLSKI Editor in Chief, Visegrad Insight Magazine, Warsaw


2004 Master in Sociology, Warsaw University, Warsaw
2002-2003 Research Coordinator, Adam Smith Research Centre, Warsaw
2004-2004 Junior Research Fellow, Modern politics Institute, Vienna
2003-2007 Professional Trainer on Project Management and Team Work, Invent Grupa Doradztwa i Treningu ltd. Warsaw
since 2005 Research Assistant, Erasmus of Rotterdam Chair, Warsaw University, Warsaw
Lecturer, Warsaw University, Warsaw
since 2007 President, Foundation Res Publica, Warsaw
Editor-in-chief, Res Publica Nowa Journal, Warsaw
since 2011 Editor-in-chief, Visegrad Insight, journal Visegrad Group, Warsaw


Initiator and Coordinator, Free Speech Partnership-Network of Cultural Journals in Post-Soviet Space
Founding Member, Artykul 61 Association-Polish Political Election Watch-Dog


Juan Donoso Cortes - Mowa o dyktaturze [Speech on Dictatorship],Res Publica Nowa, 2007 p. 150-160
O dyktaturze Juana Donoso Cortesa [On the Dictatorship of Juan Donoso Cortes], Res Publica Nowa, 2007 p. 140-149
The whereabouts of the imprisoned Polish memory, Eurozine, 2009
Co dalej z patriotyzmem przyszlosci? (What is next with the patriotism of the future?), Liberte!, 2010


Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Honor, Goldman Sachs Foundation & Institute of International Education, 2001
Scholarship for Excellent Results, Polish Ministry of Education and Sport, 2003 & 2004
International Visitor Leadership Program, US State Department, 2012