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Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Wolfgang KNIESE Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer, T-Mobile Austria GmbH, Wien


1986-1988 Training as Reserve Officer
1988-1995 Study of Business and Engineering at the University of Karlsruhe; Diplom als Wirtschaftsingenieur
1996-1999 Director, Deputy Head of Investor Relations, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
1999-2000 Director, Head of Investor Relations, T-Online International AG, Darmstadt
2000-2002 Senior Vice President, Head of Investor Relations, Fraport AG, Frankfurt
2002-2007 Executive Vice President, Accounting & Corporate Finance, T-Mobile International AG, Bonn
 Executive Education
since 2007 CFO and Deputy CEO, T-Mobile Austria GmbH, Vienna
2005 Advanced Management Programme, INSEAD
2008 Board Academy of McKinsey & Company, EgonZehnder, KPMG