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Yongxin SHI Abbot, Shaolin Temple China, Dengfeng


 Grandmaster Shi Yongxin was born in 1965 and ordained in 1981. He began to preside over the world famous Shaolin Monastery in 1987 and took office as abbot in August 1999.
 As the Representative Inheritor of the Shaolin Culture, the Abbot has made invaluable contributions in the revival, preservation and promotion of the Shaolin legacy. His Shaolin Charitable Welfare Foundation has actively conducted poverty and disaster relief campaigns such as caring for thousands of orphans. As a member of the National People's Congress of China, he has made many proposals for improving the situation of Buddhists. In the year of 2000 he was chosen by the Chinese media as one of the hundred leaders of China who are influencing the future of the country in the 21st century.


Vice President, Buddhist Association of China


The Secret Book of Shaolin Kung Fu and Medicine, 2000
Collection of Chan Dews, 2002
Chan Word of Yongxin, 2007
Moving the body, purifying the heart, 2008


As the most famous religious leader of China, the abbot was awarded a lot of honorary titles for his contributing to the development of Shaolin culture and peace keeping.