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PhD, LLM Zhen YE Director, Golden Bough International Intellectual Property, London


 Zhen (also known as Peter) has led an international career as an entrepreneur, consultant, academic and creative thinker. As entrepreneur, Zhen established the first intellectual property rights (IPR) firm in the UK for a consortium of Chinese patent attorneys to facilitate the international flow of patents, design rights and trademarks between China and the E.U. As a consultant, he has been working for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization as an Economist/International Expert for Poverty Alleviation, Enterprise Development and Creative Industries. Since 2009, he has served in the UNIDO mission to Bhutan, Egypt, Pakistan and China's ethnic minority areas. Internationally, he also has a track record advising governments in Europe, China and the Middle East (GCC) on innovation policy, intellectual property rights and creative industries development strategy. As creative thinker, Zhen contributes regularly to both newspaper column and academic publication and is well known as a prolific writer and keynote speaker on creativity, innovation and industrial dynamics.
 As an academic, Zhen has held Professorship in Industrial Economy in Xiamen University's School of Economics, permanent lectureship in international business and senior lectureship in economics and finance (tenured Associate Professorship) at the Business School of University of Hertfordshire and Hull University in the UK. He was also Senior Visiting Professor in Peking University and Yunnan University and contributed to research and lecture there on creative industries and international business. He obtained his PhD in Political Economy funded by Research Studentship from University of Hertfordshire, his Master of Laws in International Trade (WTO & GATT) from Newcastle University Law School. He is now studying his Executive MBA with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business while developing new business ventures. Zhen s current research interests explore the linkages between creativity, management and industrial organization - seeking to understand why despite abundant creativity certain nation has been able to successfully capitalize on creativity historically as a resource for development while others have not, what are social, institutional and organizational roots for creative success or failure, what are key obstacles which inhibit the development of creativity in organization and institutions, most importanly how can creativity benefit development and how to make it a development priority.