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Pick of the day – August 29th

Meet the Economic Symposium keynote speakers and enjoy our Alpbach Debate on free trade.

9:00-12:30 | Elisabeth-Herz-Kremenak-Saal | Transformative pathways to sustainability: from perception to changing behaviour

A combination of dance and science is awaiting you. The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis along with dancer Hannah Kickert, ballet member of Vienna State Opera, will perform “InDilemma” on Tuesday morning. The scientists Karl Sigmund und Piotr Magnuszewski also contributed to the project. Afterwards experts will discuss, how breaking down academic barriers can help achieve a sustainable future.

Gloria Benedikt (Art), Krisztián Gergye (Art), Hannah Kickert (Art), Mimmo Miccolis (Art), Ulf Diekmann, Pavel Kabat, Piotr Magnuszewski, Karl Sigmund, Gabriela Gandel (Chair)

15:30-16:15 | Hayek-Saal and Liechtenstein-Saal | Meet the Speakers: Alex “Sandy” Pentland and Ernst Fehr

Ernst Fehr. Credit: University of Zurich

Right after the opening of the Economic Symposium our two keynote speakers are ready to answer questions.

You are intrigued by Sandy Pentland’s work on social physics, big data and privacy questions? You have questions you always wanted to ask one of the most cited computer scientists and entrepreneurs in this world? Join the “Meet the Speaker” with Sandy Pentland and go more in-depth into the world of big data and what it teaches us about behaviour.

If you are fascinated by Ernst Fehr’s research on behavioural science or have questions you always wanted to ask a behavioural scientist, join the “Meet the Speaker” with him in Liechtenstein-Saal. Get a chance to have the Zurich Professor explain his motivation for studying behavioural science.

Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Ernst Fehr, Rainer Nowak (Chair), Philippe Narval (Chair)

20:00-22:00 | Erwin-Schrödinger-Saal | The Alpbach Debate: globalisation and free trade

Yu-Min Chiang, winner of the Alpbach Competitive Debate. Credit: Andrei Pungovschi

In keeping with the general theme of “Conflict & Cooperation”, a discussion format designed to be especially controversial is on the programme for tonight. Based on the famous original as practised at the Oxford Union, representatives of opposing positions will take to the podium and engage in a contest for the best arguments. At the end the public decides who was the most persuasive.

Proponents of an open trade like Arancha Gonzáles, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre in Geneva, meet opponents of TTIP and CETA like Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director of Greenpeace International. In addition, Yu-Min Chiang und Dominik Ornig will also be part of the debate. These two scholarship holders have won the Alpbach Competitive Debate last Saturday.

Gabriel Felbermayr, Arancha González, Jakob Kapeller, Jennifer Morgan, Stephen Sackur (Chair)