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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I arrange my accomodation in Alpbach?

As Alpbach and the sorrounding villages are during the Forum mostly booked out, we recommend you to book a room via our online system, when you fill out the registration form. If you would like to do so, please do NOT click on the box “I do not need a room reservation” but indicate if you have special requirements and make sure that the booking period for your accommodation is correct. Then you have to accept the general conditions for accomodation.”

What are my possibilities if I would like to apply for a scholarship to the European Forum Alpbach Foundation and which forms will I have to fill out?

The online application will be available from February 18, 2017. Please find an overview and the relevant forms here.

Is my chance of being granted a scholarship higher if I apply only for some events instead of the entire event?

No. We recommend participation in the entire event because the combination of academic seminars followed by symposia and short courses on specific topics reflects the special character of the European Forum Alpbach.

Can I nevertheless apply for some events only?

In principle, it is possible to apply for some events only, but there is a minimum stay of 12 days. Please keep in mind that applicants who will stay for the entire forum will be given preference in the selection process.

What should I take into further consideration when it comes to the application process?

Please be aware, that when applying for a scholarship you are directly applying for a participation grant. If you are in need of further financial support, there is a possibility to apply for an additional grant. Please find an overview on the offers here.

Is it possible to apply for different scholarship programmes?

Provided that the respective application criteria are satisfied, it would be possible for you to apply for a scholarship at the European Forum Alpbach Foundation and at one of the Members of the Forum Alpbach Network. If you do so, please indicate it on your application.

Why do I have to indicate my social security or passport number?

We need your passport or social security number for accounting files and to report to our donors and statistical agencies, and in order to support you in visa affairs.

What should I do if I don't have a social security number?

In this case please enter your passport number twice.

Why do you ask for my permanent residence and residence at the time of my high school graduation?

Some scholarships are reserved for persons from distinct regions (e.g. a certain province or so-called Bundesland). It is better if you indicate both addresses so we know whether you have a connection to this region, thus increasing your chances of receiving a scholarship.

Can I send my application documents by email or post?

No. From this year on you should submit your application by filling in the online application form, which you can find here. Please be aware that, while filling in the form the application cannot be saved. To make your application process easier, please prepare all your texts in a separate document. You can find further details on the application process and the required documents here.

Can I apply for a returner scholarship to the European Forum Alpbach Foundation?

Returning students can apply for a scholarship via Clubs or IGs. Alternatively you can apply as a seminar assistant or an “Alpbach Buddy” via the European Forum Alpbach Foundation. If you wish to participate for a shorter period, you can also choose to register for a reduced fee for the “Coming Home Days” between August 25 and 27. You will find more detailed information and conditions of the different returner scholarships here.

Who can apply for a scholarship to the European Alpbach Foundation?

The European Forum Alpbach Foundation offers scholarships for international applicants. Austrian citizens should apply for a scholarship through one of the many Austrian Clubs and IGs.

When will all applicants be notified about the results?

The European Forum Alpbach will inform all applicants via e-mail during the second half of May at the latest. Please do not contact us prior to this date regarding the status of your application. Thank you for your understanding.

When applying, should I already take care of accommodation?

The European Forum Alpbach disposes of an adequate allocation of student accommodation (approx. 24€/night) and will handle your room booking if you are granted a scholarship. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to reserve accommodation prior to the announcement of the selection results. However, please notify us should you wish to take care of your accommodation yourself.

When traveling to Alpbach, I will have to enter the Schengen Area. Will you be able to support my visa application?

The Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs supports us and will inform the nearest Austrian consulate or a consulate with representation for Austria of your visa application. Every Austrian consulate will issue your visa free of charge. However, we can only assure that this is the case when applying at Austrian consulates directly. If you are applying at the consulate of another member of the Schengen area, we cannot guarantee that your files are handled free of charge.

Are there any costs I have to cover myself?

You have to cover travelling expenses and cancellation costs of your accommodation in all cases.

Will you contract health and accident insurance for me?

No, please do so yourself for the period of your stay in Alpbach with two additional days for travelling between your hometown and Alpbach.

How do I find out about the accommodation I am staying at?

The Alpbach Tourism GmbH sends the confirmation of your booking to your e-mail address no later than 3 days before your arrival. Ms Katharina Dander will be available for questions concerning accommodation during the event. (Tel.: +43 (5336) 600-100)

What do I do once I arrive in Alpbach?

The reception on the ground floor of the Congress Centre will supply you with your badge and an information folder. Please carry this card with you at all times as you will need to present it for admission to all events. For any questions regarding organisational matters please contact the scholarship support in the Congress Centre or the Standing Committee.

What is the Standing Committee?

The Standing Committee is formed by former Alpbach alumni who assist scholarship holders in practical matters in Alpbach. It organises a diverse social programme for the Forum’s participants: including excursions, fireside talks, sports events and club nights. Please find further information on the Standing Committee website and on the information board in the entrance hall. The Committee will be introduced during the official welcome ceremony for all scholarship holders in the Alpbach Congress Centre on August 16, 2017 and will inform you about the planned events.

Why do I have to fill in a registration form?

In accordance with Austrian police regulations you have to fill in a registration form, which you will obtain from your landlord.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, but do not forget to bring warm clothes and especially weatherproof footwear with you. Alpbach is a mountain village where the weather is highly prone to change, even in the summer. Please bear in mind that the roads in Alpbach are steep, so flat-heeled shoes are advisable.

I have chosen a seminar/working group on my application form but would like to change that afterwards. Is this possible?

After the presentation of the seminars on August 16th, you have a chance to change your mind and choose a different seminar. If you do so, please let the seminar assistants know of the change at the beginning of the first seminar. Once the seminars start it is not possible to change anymore. However, generally, it is possible to attend events that you did not indicate on your application, room capacity permitting.

When will I receive my scholarships?

If your scholarship includes a contribution to the lodging costs, the whole sum will be paid to you in the conference office on the day before your departure. The contribution covers the costs for accommodation including breakfast. If your scholarship additionally covers a contribution to the costs of meals, the money will be paid in two rates (the dates of payment will be announced in Alpbach).

I am hungry. Where can I eat?

Your accommodation includes breakfast. In some hotels and restaurants (e.g. Hotel Alphof, Gasthaus Achenwirt) special student meals are offered. You will find detailed information on this in Alpbach. We recommend making a table reservation one day ahead for groups. There is also a big SPAR supermarket on the left-hand side of the main street as you enter the village.

What do I do before checking out?

On the day of departure, please check out of your accommodation by 10am and return your badge at the conference office. Detailed information on train, bus and plane schedules are available here. The office of Alpbach Tourism GmbH in the Congress Centre can give you further travel or tourist information.

Why is it important to hand in a feedback report after my participation?

Your feedback matters. We want to make the European Forum Alpbach better every year and to adjust it to your needs and requirements. This is why we would like to hear your feedback.

Moreover, our scholarship programme would not be possible without the generous support of single persons and enterprises. By providing sufficient funds, they make your participation in the European Forum Alpbach possible. To be able to convey your experiences and impressions to our sponsors and to attest the meaning of their financial contribution, your feedback reports are crucial for us.



Which documents should I prepare for my application?

Please upload the following documents with your application: copies of your highest and latest obtained school or university certificates, as well as a transcript covering all credits obtained during the last (academic) year, or alternatively a confirmation of your last obtained school or work experience. If your transcripts/certificates are in a language other than German or English, please submit a translation. This translation does not need to be certified.

How can I prove my English proficiency?

We accept official language certificates (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or equivalents). If your certificates are in a language other than English, you need to submit a translation. This translation does not need to be certified. If you are studying in an English-speaking programme, you do not have to submit a language certificate, but a confirmation that you are enrolled in an english-language programme. We require a minimum level of IELTS 5.5 or European level B2 for the Seminar Week and Symposia and IELTS starting from 6.5 or European Level C1 for the Professional Programme Health Care. Any conclusive proof will be accepted (maximum of 2 uploads).

I am an English native speaker. Do I have to prove my English proficiency?

If you are a native speaker it is sufficient to upload a copy of your passport with your application.

What should I pay special attention to before clicking on final submission?

First of all make sure that your name is written correctly and has not been changed by autocorrect. Then check if all the mandatory fields are filled out and your uploads do not extend the limit. Your upload was successful if you see the title of your document next to the upload button.

Unfortunately I did not receive the link for my registration per email. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder, if you still can not find the email, please click “resend”.

Should I indicate practical experiences of a duration less than a year?

Yes, but please indicate the length of your internship in the bracket labeled with “position”.

I would like to apply as a seminar assistant. Where do I state which seminars I am NOT interested in assisting?

Please indicate the seminars which you are NOT interested in in your motivation letter and select your preferences (two seminars you are interested in) in the online application form.

I will turn 30 this year. Can I still apply for a regular scholarship?

Yes, if the day when you turn 30 is after the March 31, 2017 (the deadline of applications). This means: If you turn 30 on April 1 or later then you can apply, but if your birthday is on March 31 or before you will not be able to fill in the online form, hence apply for a scholarship.
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Please use the latin alphabet to write your name as well as the name of your university (this has administrative reasons).