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Alpbach Lab 05: Learning with Futures: Integrating Foresight with Design to Drive Large Scale Change Processes

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Many of today’s most pressing challenges are not simple problems but puzzling and messy situations. To deal with those challenges, the imperative is no longer to deal with them as simple problems to be fixed but rather to create new spaces for better collaboration to make progress. This policy lab will show how open, exploratory processes of learning with alternative futures can help us create better strategic conversations and develop a shared understanding of complex issues, imagine new pathways for making progress and build alliances of actors for change.

Foresight and Innovation Consultant, Paris

Mag. Martin MAYER

Foresight and Innovation Consultant, Paris

Change Agent, ÖBB - Austrian Railways, Vienna Senior Advisor, International Union of Railways, Paris Strategy and Innovation Consultant, Head of Innovation Practice, PMP - Performance Management Partner, Paris Independent Foresight and Innovation Consultant
since 2011

Alpbach Politics Labs

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