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19: The Dawn of E-Mobility

Breakout / Working Group

The current crisis of the global automotive sector gives rise to new technologies, production platforms and alliances. This new dynamic is not just about cars, but about re-inventing mobility as such. There are bold moves being made across the globe both in the political arena and on the corporate level. What is the role of national strategies for electric mobility in making structural change happen? In the context of the financial market downturn these developments also call for new approaches in strategic funding as well as investment in innovation capacity, human resources and flexibility. Which new collaborations arise between investors, corporations and research institutions, and what are the perspectives for mutual benefits?

Economic Symposium

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14:00 - 14:30OpeningPlenary
14:30 - 16:00The weight of Europe: Economic policy interests in a multipolar global economyPlenary
16:30 - 18:00The future shape of Europe: Visions and realityPlenary
19:00 - 20:30Special Lecture: Where is Turkey going?Plenary
20:30 - 23:00Reception hosted by the Austrian National BankSocial


09:00 - 10:30Europe and the international financial systemPlenary
11:00 - 12:30European energy and climate policies: Defensive self-limitation or technology push?Plenary
14:30 - 18:00Working group 01: Innovation in der Krise! Gerüstet für den Aufschwung?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 02: Financial and economic turbulences in CEE/SEE - Impact and remediesBreakout
14:30 - 16:00Working group 03: Post Lissabon - Europas (Wieder-) Aufstieg zur Wirtschaftsweltmacht?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 04: Values and virtues: Can ethics lead Europe back to the top?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 05: Protektionismus als Folge der Krise?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 06: Wirtschaft und Politik - zwei Systemlogiken. Kann das Vertrauen im Unterschied wachsen?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 07: Vertrauen in einer vernetzten WeltBreakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 08: Smart Metering - die Zukunft der Versorgungssicherheit?Breakout
14:30 - 16:00Working group 09: Intelligente Infrastruktur - Wie lange noch bis zum Systeminfarkt?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 10: The future of security of supply - how does the "gas crisis" affect European energy policy? die europäische Energiepolitik?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 11: Das Management der KriseBreakout
14:30 - 16:00Working group 12: Arbeitsmarkt und Beschäftigungspolitik in der KriseBreakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 13: Korruption in KrisenzeitenBreakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 14: Sustainable tourism: Adding Value in a responsible wayBreakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 15: Gesundheitswesen - Kostenfalle oder Wachstumsmotor?Breakout
14:30 - 18:00Working group 16: Der Wirtschaftskrise ganzheitlich begegnen - Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung (BGF) als europäischer WegBreakout
16:30 - 18:00Working group 17: Greisender Kontinent - Reif für die Weltmacht?Breakout
16:30 - 18:00Working group 18: Connecting markets, connecting continents - Logistics as an engine for growthBreakout
16:30 - 18:00Working group 19: The Dawn of E-MobilityBreakout
19:00 - 20:30Special Lecture: Business culture and crisis management in Europe - The European Management ModelPlenary
20:30 - 23:00Reception hosted by Deutsche Telekom AGSocial


09:30 - 12:00The future of Europe and political accountabilityPlenary
12:00 - 12:15Closing remarksPlenary