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Yugoslavian Film II

Plenary / Panel
German and English language


Cinema entered the Yugoslav countries at the end of the XIX century through three Austro-Hungarian cities: Vienna, Trieste and Budapest. Starting in 1896 a large number of traveling film exhibitors came from Austria presenting moving pictures to Yugoslav audiences. At the same time they filmed the first documents on Yugoslav countries.
Famous Austrian (later German and American) filmmaker Karl Freund began his career in Belgrade in 1911. Austrian actor and film director Heinz Hanus directed one of the first Croatian features. Before WWI Austrians had realized a large number of documentaries about Yugoslav countries.
Between the two word wars, in addition to many documentaries, exteriors for 12 Austrian feature films were shot in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
After the gap during the Second Word War The Last Bridge (Die letzte Brücke)  a joint Austro-Yugoslav project - the very first film co production between a western and a socialist country, marked the beginning of a new era of film relations between Austria and Yugoslavia.
General Manager, ewCPF - east west Crossings Promotion Fund, Belgrade
Correspondent for Southern and Eastern Europe, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Belgrade Comment


1952 graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
1954 graduated in the History of Arts at the Department of Philosophy of Belgrade University
1983 acquired a Ph.D. in history (early film history) at the University of Arts in Belgrade
1952-1961 Assistant Director in feature films directed by Yugoslav and world film directors; among others to Helmuth Kautner (Germany), Carmine Gallone and Gillo Pontecorvo (Italy), Claude Autant-Lara and Robert Hossein (France) and some Yugoslav film directors; a large experience in foreign film spectacles realized in Yugoslavia
from 1954 directed over 30 documentary films; latest documentary on the history of Belgrade city transport realized in October 2004; filmed the first Yugoslav documentary film in color on Serbian medieval frescoes in 1957 on KODAK "Eastman color"
  relations of the Yugoslav cinematography
1962-1968 Executive Director of the "Yugoslav Film Festival", an independent institution at that time in charge of all the public
1962-1995 Professor of Film and TV production and Production Management at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
  a good number of them dealed with history of arts
since 1968 has produced and directed more than two hundreds TV documentaries, mostly for Yugoslav National Television;
  countries in Europe, as the Director of Liaison and Coordination worked for ABC Sports on Olympic Games
  in Lake Placid (1980), Sarajevo (1984), Los Angeles (1984) and Calgary (1988)
since 1969 worked for ABC Sports and ABC News, mainly as production manager for sports shows realized in several


General Manager, ewCPF - east west Crossings Promotion Fund, Belgrade

since 1979 Engaged in various researches and projects of the Yugoslav Film Institute, as retrospective of the Yugoslav films at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Cinematheque Royale in Brussels, Giornate del cinema muto in Pordenone etc.
1993-1995 engaged by different Russian TV stations (OSTANKINO, the 1st channel of Russian TV, then TV6, NTV and TV "Myr") as advisor and coproducer of TV programmes dedicated to the International Film festivals - Cannes, Venice, London, Brussels, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, Thessaloniki, etc.
1995-1998 Film critic and author, monthly TV program "Cinema Art"
1995-2005 General Manager of the Institut za film (Film Institute)
1997-2011 Artistic Director of Belgrade International Film Festival
2001-2005 Chairman of South-East European Cinema Network
since 2006 Founder and Director of east west Crossings Promotion Fund
 Promoter of foreign films, Yugoslavia (realised special programmes of films from Brazil, Argentina, India, European and Arab countries etc.)
 Author of TV portraits of Nagisa Oshima, Peter Greenaway, Chantal Akerman, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, Harvey Keitel, Simon Perry, Atom Egoyan, Sergey Bodrov, Tsai Ming-liang, Paul Morrissay, Hou Hsiao-hsien, etc.
since 2007 Acting Director of Film Center Serbia

Mag. Christian WEHRSCHÜTZ

Correspondent for Southern and Eastern Europe, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Belgrade

1981-1985 Studium an der juridischen Fakultät und am Institut für Slawistik, Karl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz
1997 Teilnahme an der Ukrainian Summer School, Harvard University, USA
 Als Korrespondent zählt zum Tätigkeitsbereich die Berichterstattung über Serbien und Montenegro, die ehemaligen jugoslawischen Teilrepubliken Mazedonien, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Kroatien, Slowenien, den Kosovo und Albanien sowie die Führung des ORF-Büros in Belgrad. Verbunden war und ist diese journalistische Tätigkeit mit ausgedehnten Reisen durch die Zielländer in der Region.
 Fremdsprachenkenntnisse: Englisch, Russisch, Ukrainisch, Serbisch (sehr gut), Französisch (gut), Slowenisch (gut), Mazedonisch (passiv gut), Albanisch (Grundkenntnisse)
1998 Einmonatiges Stipendium, Duke-Universität in North Carolina auf Einladung der Austrian-American-Foundation (abschließend wurden auch Medien in New York und Washington besucht)
2014 Journalist des Jahres
seit 2014 Korrespondent des ORF für die Ukraine