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Examples of successful lobbying strategies

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Head, Liaison Office of the DGB (Confederation of German Trade Unions), Brussels Abstract
Among all the organisations represented in Brussels, Trade Union have a special status as far as they are social partner organisations. Under the EU treaty, social partners have a special role to fulfill in the "Social Dialogue"; a process of negotiation between European employers and trade unions which ultimately results in European legislation.
However, Trade Union representation offices in Brussels also liase very closely with the European institutions in day-to-day European affairs.
How to be effective in this? Some key words to this are: know your way around Brussels, know when and how best to contact decision makers, network and, of course, structure the work within your own organisation. And, in the case of the trade unions, there are also other forms of activities: large demonstrations with several tens of thousands of people never go unnoticed. A combination of all this can be seen as an effective strategy, as will be demonstrated by concrete examples including the Services Directive.
Deputy Director, Financial and Enterprise Affairs, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris Abstract
Successful lobbying is responsible lobbying
This presentation will identify the potential benefits of lobbying in terms of providing information and contributing to an efficient public/private dialogue on policy, legislative and regulatory decisions. It will mention concerns that arise about undue influence on decision making and the need for restoring public confidence based on principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. It will discuss elements of regulation/self-regulation for responsible lobbying , based on a comparative overview of experience in OECD countries.
Managing Director, Direct Selling Europe, Brussels Abstract
Direct selling Europe is a federation of trade associations, based in Brussels, representing the interests of the European direct selling industry in the EU.
The federation was founded in January 2007 by national direct selling associations from Austria, Belgium, Germany (representing with nearly 30 percent in direct selling turnover of EU Member States the largest market within the EU) and Switzerland as well as by 10 Europe-wide operating well reputed direct selling companies.
On the basis of a recent Commission initiative aimed at reviewing the current legislation in the area of consumer protection (Green Paper on the Review of the Consumer Acquis) and leading to a proposal for a Framework Directive on consumer contractual rights, the presentation will demonstrate how to develop and adjust lobbying strategies in the different stages of a legislative process and will give an insight into the day to day lobbing work of Direct Selling Europe.
Furthermore the presentation will outline how to gain ground as a freshly founded European Association in the Brussels lobbying scene.
Director, Vienna Office, EIB - European Investment Bank, Vienna Abstract
Founded by the Treaty of Rome in 1958, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is one of the EU institutions. Its corporate mission is the support of European Union policies and objectives. The 27 Member States of the European Union constitute the shareholders of the Bank and set the framework of the lending policy.
Main lending/credit targets concentrate inter alia on promotion of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), on environmental sustainability, on Trans-European Networks (TENs) as well as on securing the European energy supply. Further to the traditional goals of long-term  heavy infrastructure, new financing sectors encompass R&D and innovation projects in support of the Lisbon Strategy of the year 2000. SMEs are a particular focus of the Bank s efforts in the light of the incumbent French Presidency of the European Union. This also includes the remit of the European Investment Fund as the venture capital arm of the EIB-Group.
The intervention by Dr. Emanuel Maravic, the Director of the Bank s Office for Central Europe in Vienna, will allow an insight into criteria for EIB lending operations and the interaction between the European Investment Bank the other European institutions, the Member States and the private sector as well as giving an overview of EIB s financial products of loans, technical assistance, guarantees and venture capital operations.
Director for International Relations, BUSINESSEUROPE, Brussels
Editor-in-Chief, Der Standard,, Vienna Chair

Dr. Katharina ERDMENGER

Head, Liaison Office of the DGB (Confederation of German Trade Unions), Brussels

1989 European Baccalaureate, European school, Brussels
1989-1998 University studies, History, Political science, International law, Bonn and Oxford, MA 1994, PhD 1998
1997-1999 Assistant to MEPs, Brussels
1999-2002 European Policy Officer, Diakonisches Werk Berlin
2002-2005 Head of section, Economic Policies, DGB Berlin
since 2005 Director, DGB liaison office, Brussels

Dr. Rainer GEIGER

Deputy Director, Financial and Enterprise Affairs, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris

 Graduate of the University of Heidelberg in Germany, advanced law degree, PhD, and Columbia Law School in New York, United States LL.M
1972-1976 Counsellor, Ministry of Economics and Economic Cooperation, Germany
1976-1977 Secretary of the Finance Commission, Conference on International Economic Cooperation, Paris
since 1977 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, France, in various positions, currently Deputy Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs and Head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme
since 1996 Associate Professor for international economic law, University Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne
since 2001 Co-Chairman, Investment Compact for South East Europe

Mag. Maria Theresa LEIN

Managing Director, Direct Selling Europe, Brussels

1996-2002 Magistra iuris, Law studies, University of Vienna, Austria
2003-2003 Project director, Research project  Communal Loan Conditions , Institute of Comparative Law (Prof. Ofner), University of Vienna
2003-2003 Assistant to the judge, District of the High Court Vienna (District Court Josefstadt, Commercial Court Vienna)
2004-2005 Associate, Law firm of Dr. Dieter Böhmdorfer
2005 Political Adviser, cabinet of State Secretary Helmut Kukacka (ministry of transport)
2005-2007 Adviser/Lobbyist, Brussels office of Federation of Austrian Industry
since 2007 Build-up and management of the European association  Direct Selling Europe as Managing Director

Dr. Emanuel MARAVIC

Director, Vienna Office, EIB - European Investment Bank, Vienna

1977-1996 Creditanstalt, Vienna
1980-1982 Head, Syndication Department, Banque Européenne de Crédit, Brussels
1982-1985 Deputy Head, International Project Finance Department, Creditanstalt Vienna
1985-1986 Credit Control Division of Deutsche Bank (Asia), Hamburg, and Head of the Special Work-out Unit of Deutsche Bank Sydney, Australia
1986-1987 Associate Director, Merchant Bank subsidiary of Deutsche Bank (Asia), Hongkong, and Branch Manager of Deutsche Bank, Manila, Philippines
1987-1989 Deputy Branch Manager, Creditanstalt New York Branch, USA
1989-1991 Head, International Credit Risk and Control Department for all the international subsidiaries and branches, Creditanstalt Group
1991-1992 Managing Director, "Specialised Finance Unit", Creditanstalt London, i.e. the bank´s international work-out and restructuring operation
1992-1994 Managing Director, Creditanstalt Anlagenbau und Leasing Ges.m.b.H, Vienna, the international leasing operations of the Group
1994-1996 Director and Head, International Trade and Corporate Finance Department, Creditanstalt Group
since 1996 European Investment Bank (EIB), Luxembourg
1996-2000 Director, Lending Operations Germany and Austria
2000-2003 Director, Lending Operations Accession Countries (Central and Eastern Europe)
2004-2005 Director, Lending Operations Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia)
since 2006 Director, Vienna Office (covering Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia)


Director for International Relations, BUSINESSEUROPE, Brussels

 Adrian van den Hoven worked as International Relations researcher and as adjunct professor in Italy (European University Institute of Florence - EUI), France (Nice) and Canada (Windsor).
 Current position: Director for international Relations at BUSINESSEUROPE with overall responsibility over WTO and bilateral trade relations.
2000 PhD in Political Science from the University of Nice


Editor-in-Chief, Der Standard,, Vienna

1989-1993 Studium Publizistik, Politik, Geschichte
1996 Promotion
ab 1990 Der Standard, zuerst Mitarbeit in Linz und Wien
1993-1998 Deutschland-Korrespondentin
1998-1999 Mitglied in der außenpolitischen Redaktion
1999-2005 Deutschland-Korrespondentin
2005 EU-Korrespondentin in Brüssel
2006 Ressortleiterin Wirtschaft
seit 2007 Chefredakteurin, Der Standard
seit 2012 Co-Herausgeberin, Der Standard und
seit 2013 Chefredakteurin,