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Concert “The interpretation of the new” by the Christian Wegscheider Trio Plus

Culture / Lecture
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Christian Wegscheider

The interpretation of novelty

Christian Wegscheider  piano
Christian Salfellner  percussion
Raphael Preuschl  bass
Nikolaus Messner  cello

The quartet performs works by the Tyrolean pianist and composer Christian Wegscheider. Taking their musical background in jazz as a point of departure, the ensemble effortlessly combines the influence of  classical musical composition with the improvisation methods of jazz.

Christian Wegscheider, raised and resident not far from Alpbach, is concerned, above all, with authenticity. He deliberately integrates the influences of his rural environment into his music, filtering them through the lens of an international performer of music. The performance will also feature a new composition based on a traditional folksong of the Alpbach Valley.

An entrancing journey across different worlds, coherently presented by the ensemble.

Press comments:

JAZZPODIUM Sept. 2006  by Robert Gromotka
If it had been Franz List, it would have been called a symphonic poem; in the case of Christian Wegscheider, it is simply called  In June …
As on the first album of the Wegscheider trio, there is a multitude of classical motifs, and it is admirable how naturally the trio performs at a high level in both musical traditions.

PIANO Feb. 2006  by Tom Fuchs
Finally, a piano trio that does not sound just like dozens of others … A true cornucopia of musical substance, performed in a lucid tone …

CONCERTO Feb.-Mar. 2006
The resulting CD is certainly the best that the very idiosyncratic artist Christian Wegscheider has produced so far …
The liveliness of his recital never allows his virtuosity on the keyboard to come across as pretentious; his musical intelligence is surpassed only by his light-hearted and effortless, yet confident handling of the most varied musical influences. All those wishing to discover an extraordinary piano trio (and more) outside Scandinavia will hardly be able to do without this CD!


Nikolaus MESSNER


1979-1986 Studium des Violoncello am Salzburger Mozarteum bei Wilfried Tachezi und am Konservatorium in Innsbruck bei Max Engel
1990-1998 Barockcello-Studium bei Lidewij Scheifes in Amsterdam und bei Roel Dieltiens in Antwerpen
 Besuch zahlreicher Meisterkurse u.a. bei Heidi Litschauer, Maria Kliegel, Anner Bylsma, Susanne Riebl, Tobias Stosiek
1987-2001 Leitung des Jugendsymphonieorchesters der Musikschule Innsbruck
 Er unterrichtet an der Musikschule Innsbruck.



1980-1986 Musikschule Innsbruck
1986 Freies Musikzentrum München, Jazzklavier und Theorie
1987-1993 Musikhochschule in Graz, Klavier Jazz (Konzertdiplom)
1990-1993 Lehramt Klavier, Jazz-Klassik (Diplom 1993)
1993 Förderungspreis für Jazz der Republik Österreich
1993-1994 Studium bei Garry Dial in New York
1997-1998 Musikalische Leitung Schauspielhaus Innsbruck
 Führt sein eigenes Trio, mehrere CD Veröffentlichungen
 Komponiert Musik für Jazzensembles, Film, Theater, Chor etc.
 Aktuell Pianist für: Willy Resetarits, Christian Wegscheider Trio, Jazz Orchester Tirol, Pepe Lienhard BB, etc.

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