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How Can Women Change the Arab World’s Future?

Plenary / Debate
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While women have been actively involved in the social movements associated with the Arab Spring, a conservative backlash has followed. Has the role of women in the public sphere and corresponding values changed? Will women shape the Arab world’s future?

Business Correspondent; Founder, Rebel Economy, Cairo
Writer and Storyteller; Founder, The Arabian Agency for Culture Exchange - Noon, Cairo
President and Founder, Al Bawsala, Tunis
Change Agent, Amsterdam Chair


Business Correspondent; Founder, Rebel Economy, Cairo

2009 Reporter, Financial Times, London
2009-2010 Banking Reporter, Retail Banker International, London
2010-2011 Stock Market Reporter, The National Newspaper, Abu Dhabi
2011 Business Reporter, Dow Jones Newswire, Cairo
since 2011 Founder, Rebel Economy, Cairo
Visiting Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations, Cairo
Middle East Business Correspondent, Contributor to International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, BBC Business, The Independent


Writer and Storyteller; Founder, The Arabian Agency for Culture Exchange - Noon, Cairo

since 2009 Storyteller
since 2011 Project Manager, Noon Foundation for Culture and Art, Cairo
since 2012 Media Coordinator, Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival, Cairo
since 2013 Literary Curator, Read My World Festival, Amsterdam


Change Agent, Amsterdam

2000-2004 Programme and Communication Officer, European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam
2005 Trainer, Tunisian-American Chamber of Commerce, Tunis
2006-2006 Communication Officer, SHV Gas, Hoofddorp
2006-2007 Programme Coordinator, Cultuurfabriek, Amsterdam
2008-2009 Project Manager, Hart voor Amsterdam
2010-2012 UN Women's Representative on behalf of the Netherlands Women's Council
since 2007 The Change Agent (
since 2011 Columnist for Dutch daily AD

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