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13: Mission to Mars – Education for change

Seminar / Seminar
German and English language

The seminar will explore that most fundamental of our public spheres, the education system. Applying the concept of design thinking, the participants are sent on an imaginary ‘Mission to Mars’. The main goal is to break free of existing educational structures and prototype a new system of learning. The seminar is for change-agents and those who recognise the centrality of education in any discussion about building a better world. Over the course of six days we will reflect on the purpose of education and design our own school, one where the curriculum, pedagogy, environment, staffing and organisation support our vision for what education should be. The design process will build empathy, and challenge us to bring actionable insights and a collective vision for all to take home.

Fellow, Teach For Austria, Vienna
Fellow, Teach for Austria, Vienna
Fellow, Teach for Austria, Vienna
Fellow, Teach For Austria, Vienna
Fellow, Teach for Austria, Wien
Change Expert, ARK Schools - Absolute Return for Kids, London Chair
Principal and Co-Founder, Reach Academy, Feltham Chair


Fellow, Teach For Austria, Vienna

2009-2012 Bachelorstudium, Internationale Entwicklung, Universität Wien
2010-2013 Bakkalaureatstudium, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Wien
2015 Visiting Researcher, International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT, Managua
2013-2016 Masterstudium, Internationale Entwicklung, Universität Wien
2016-2107 Visiting Researcher, Nepal
2013-2017 Master, Risk Management und Ecological Engineering, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
seit 2017 Fellow, Teach For Austria, Wien

Katharina KRATKY

Fellow, Teach for Austria, Vienna

2003-2005 Recruitment Leader, EF Education, Vienna
2004-2006 Travel Coach, Austrian Airlines, Vienna
2006-2007 Regional Manager, EF Education, Vienna
2007-2009 Country Program Manager, EF Education, Vienna
2010 Placement Consultant, EF Education, San Francisco
2010-2014 Director, Recruitment, Hult International Business School, San Francisco
2015-2016 Associate Director, Babson College, San Francisco
2016 Recruiter, United World Games, Vienna
since 2017 Fellow, Teach for Austria, Vienna


Fellow, Teach for Austria, Vienna

2009-2010 Volunteer, Øhavets Smakkecenter, Strynø
2011-2015 MA, Language Linguistics and Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen
2015-2016 Master, General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, University of Oxford
2014-2015 Support worker, Inspire PTL, Aberdeen
since 2016 Fellow, Teach for Austria, Vienna


Fellow, Teach For Austria, Vienna

2013-2017 Wirtschafts und Sozialwissenschaften, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
2014-2017 Bereichsleitung, Human Resources, icons - consulting by students, Wien
2017 Mitarbeiterin, Marketing und Stipendiatenberatung, Wien
seit 2017 Fellow, Teach For Austria, Wien


Fellow, Teach for Austria, Wien

2006 Praktikum, Architekturbüro Frei, Wien
2009-2012 Bachelor Studium, Bauplanung und Bauwirtschaft, FH Joanneum, Graz
2012-2014 Master Studium, Baumanagement und Ingenieurbau, FH Joanneum, Graz
2008-2009 Bautechnischer Zeichner, Schalung und Bewehrung, ZT Eisner GmbH, Graz
2012 Praktikum, BREM BAU, Frojach
2014-2015 Trainee Projektmanager, Österreichische Post AG, Wien
2015-2016 Junior Projektleiter, Österreichische Post AG, Wien
seit 2016 Fellow, Teach for Austria, Wien

MA (Oxon) Tom ROSE

Change Expert, ARK Schools - Absolute Return for Kids, London

2003-2005 English and Religion Teacher, Teach First Program, Bexley Business Academy, Erith
2005-2010 Consultant, Corporate Strategy and Implementation , OC&C Strategy Consultants, London
2010-2011 Vice President, Country Relations, Teach For All, London
2011-2013 Director, Teach First, London
2013-2014 Head of Secondary, Place2Be, London
since 2015 Venture Partner, Ark, London


Principal and Co-Founder, Reach Academy, Feltham

 From 2003-2007 Ed Vainker was Teacher in inner-city London schools, teaching French & History. From 2009-2012 he was Senior Director, Teacher Support and Teach for All. He set strategy for a team that supported ‘Teach For’ organisations to improve the quality of training and support offered to their participants. Currently he is leading an all-through school for pupils aged 2-18 with 780 pupils, 100 staff and a budget of £5m. The school achieved the 15th best GCSE results out of 6000 schools in England in 2017 and was judged Outstanding by Ofsted in 2018. He is Founder of the Reach Children's Hub, charity set up to support children from cradle to career in Feltham.

Seminar Week

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15:00 - 16:15Opening of the European Forum Alpbach 2018Plenary
16:15 - 16:30The Last Days of Mankind – OpeningPlenary
17:00 - 19:00Presentation of the seminarsPlenary
19:00 - 20:30Bread and WineSocial


Seminar 01: The EU and its eastern and southern neighbours: resilience as a strategic prioritySeminar
Seminar 02: Digital transformation: Opportunities, risks, sustainability and resilienceSeminar
Seminar 03: Gender dynamics in changing societiesSeminar
Seminar 04: Physics meets economics – climate science and policySeminar
Seminar 05: Resilience and development policySeminar
Seminar 06: Precision medicine and its impact on societySeminar
Seminar 07: Minority politics in a comparative perspectiveSeminar
Seminar 08: Artificial intelligence and EthicsSeminar
Seminar 09: Economic shocksSeminar
Seminar 10: The unknown world of microbiomes: from the environment to humansSeminar
Seminar 11: European Security – Moving towards resilience?Seminar
Seminar 12: Urban resilience to environmental challengesSeminar
Seminar 13: Mission to Mars – Education for changeSeminar
Seminar 14: Linguistic diversity: A resource for individual and communal resilienceSeminar
Seminar 15: Ethics in Action: Economics and Sustainable DevelopmentSeminar
Seminar 16: Microbiome diversity vs. microbiological controlSeminar
Seminar 17: Our work in our futureSeminar
Seminar 18: Reproductive RightsSeminar
Seminar 19: Warrior of the Heart – DojoSeminar
Seminar 20: Spoken word poetry: The power of languageSeminar
Seminar 21: Why is it called a play?Seminar
Seminar 22: European Citizenship – Attitudes and Skills for a Democratic Youth CultureSeminar


17:00 - 18:00Online Disinformation: A guest lecture on journalismPlenary


16:00 - 19:00FAN ReceptionSocial
17:00 - 19:00ReceptionSocial