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19: Spoken word poetry: the power of language

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Spoken word takes poetry out of the dusty cupboard and puts it in front of a live audience. The results are surprising, energetic and unexpected. In this series of workshops, you will write your own spoken word poem, perform your poem and create a short film of your poem on your smartphone. We will celebrate your life, your creative journey and your experiences of Alpbach.

Spoken word poetry uses the natural language of conversation and is ideal for those who wish to find more creative ways of using spoken English combined with expressive non-verbal communication. Spoken word poetry is now a global phenomenon and poems are shared via YouTube and social media with millions of people all around the world. In this seminar, you will begin to understand the appeal and the range of this developing art form. You will learn how to write ‘from the heart’ and to speak your truth with confidence and conviction.

The workshops will be run by Lucy English, Reader in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. Lucy is a spoken word poet and has twenty years’ experience of writing and performing poetry. She will be assisted by three of her students from the Master of Research in Transnational Writing, all whom are active members of the Bristol spoken word scene, and organisers of spoken word nights.


Reader in Creative Writing, Bath Spa University, Bath Chair

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