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Urban Investments

Plenary / Panel
German and English language

Local, regional und international investment
Local and international public and private investors are active and instrumental in the development of the six cities as places of business, living, research, recreation, arts and entertainment. Their activities affect the infrastructure (transport, energy, utilities), housing, business (trade, services, industries) and the leisure, arts and entertainment industries.
This section aims to provoke images and discussions on the requirements, interests, experience and challenges resulting from the specific conditions of each city, and to produce statements on the interaction of public and private investors in the cities.


Strategy Director, City Hall, Iasi Abstract
PALAS Iasi  an urban project who will make history

The PALAS project introduces, for the first time in Romania, the concept of  lifestyle center  a multifunctional urban area, open to nature and designed for leisure, with a strong emphasis on public facility features.

The main objective of the project is still that of better highlighting The Palace of Culture, the emblem of the city of Iasi, and that of assisting through the synergy it creates the efforts of cultural, social, economic, urban and environmental rehabilitation of the area in the proximity of the historical center of the city.

Involving an investment over 200 million Euros and being the biggest private investment ever made in Iasi, the project is to be developed on an area of over 220,000 sqm, between 2007 and 2010. The concept integrates functionally, in a structure unique in Romania, entertainment and leisure areas, water surfaces, areas for sporting activities (artificial ice-ring, roller skating ring, skateboard ring, swimming pool), areas for cultural activities (open air amphitheatre, exhibition space, galleries), collective homes, utilitarian areas (underground pedestrian passages, landscaped areas, squares, ground level and underground parking facilities), but also areas designed for economic activities (offices, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies etc).
Vorstand, Porr Projekt und Hochbau Aktiengesellschaft, Wien
Mitglied des Vorstandes, Sparte Hoch- und Ingenieurbau, Unternehmensbereich Europa, STRABAG AG, Wien
Chief Executive Officer, wien 3420 aspern development AG, Vienna
Mayor of Besiktas, Istanbul
Board Member, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Istanbul
Consulting editor, Der Standard, Wien Chair

Dr. Iuliu Cosmin COMAN

Strategy Director, City Hall, Iasi

1987-1991 Mathematics-Physics, "C. Negruzzi" National College, Iasi
1991-1996 Faculty of Economy and Business Management, "Al. I. Cuza" University, Iasi
1993-1994 TEMPUS scholarship of 10 months at the Palma de Mallorca University, Spain
1996 Economist at Sales Department, S.C. ZIMBRU S.A., Iasi
 Collaborator of Management - Marketing Department within the Faculty of Economic Sciences - "Al. I. Cuza" University, Iasi
1996-1997 Faculty of Economic Sciences, Master Degree, "Al. I. Cuza" University, Iasi
1997 Economist at Sales Department, S.C. IASICONF S.A., Iasi
1997-1998 Economist at Tariffs, Price and Economic Analysis Department, R.A.J.A.C., Iasi
1998-2000 Head of Strategy - Marketing Department, R.A.J.A.C., Iasi
2000-2003 General Manager Assistant Director R.A.J.A.C., Iasi
2003-2004 Head of Research, Development, Strategy Office - Iasi City Hall
since 2004 Faculty of Economy and Business Management, Doctor in Economy, "Al. l. Cuza" University, Iasi
2004-2005 Head of Mayor`s Office - Iasi City Hall
2005-2006 Executive Director - Iasi City Hall
2006 Communication Director - Iasi City Hall
since 2006 Strategy Director - Iasi City Hall

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd GAISWINKLER

Vorstand, Porr Projekt und Hochbau Aktiengesellschaft, Wien

 Bauingenieurstudium an der TU Graz und ETH Zürich
 Langjährige Erfahrung in Abwicklung und Entwicklung von nationalen und internationalen Hochbauprojekten
 Seit mehr als 10 Jahren als Geschäftsführer bzw. Vorstand von internationalen Konzernen schwerpunktmäßig in den CEE und SEE-Staaten tätig


Mitglied des Vorstandes, Sparte Hoch- und Ingenieurbau, Unternehmensbereich Europa, STRABAG AG, Wien

 Bau- und Projektleiter im Ingenieur- und Tunnelbau
 Leiter der Abteilung Claim Management

Dr. Gerhard SCHUSTER

Chief Executive Officer, wien 3420 aspern development AG, Vienna

1978-1982 Studies of Law, University of Salzburg
1983-1985 Labour and Welfare Law Advisor, Lower Austrian Chamber of Labour
1985-1995 Head of Department Consumer Protection, Federal Ministry of Environment Protection
1995-2012 Housing Finance Expert and Managing Director of S-Wohnbauträger, ERSTE Bank
1996-2013 Chief Executive Officer, BUWOG - Bauen und Wohnen GmbH
since 2014 Chief Executive Officer, Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG, Vienna

Ismail UNAL

Mayor of Besiktas, Istanbul

 Ismail Unal is the Mayor of Besiktas since the last local elections in April 2004. He was born in Akseki, Antalya, which is one of the major cities of Turkey in the Mediterranean cost. Throughout his education he attended schools in Istanbul and graduated as an architect in 1977 from the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. Already in 1973 Ismail Unal started his political career in the Peoples Republican Party as a member of a youth organization. Starting to work as a free-lance architect in 1980 he designed and developed large scale housing projects, industrial buildings and organized industrial sites and worked in close relationship with municipalities and local authorities. In many visits to foreign countries, he had the chance to observe the city life in modern societies and study municipal services and projects. Between 1992-94 Ismail Unal was elected as a member of Administration Board to Besiktas Sports Club and subsequently was appointed as the Secretary General for the years 2002-2004.

PhD. Econometrics Oktay VARLIER

Board Member, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Istanbul

1965 Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara / Turkey, B.A. in Economics and Finance
1967 Vanderbilt University, Nashville-Tennessee / U.S.A., MA in Economic Development
  University of Manchester and during Military Service)
1967-1978 Expert, Economic Planning Department, Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation (on leave during studies at
1970 University of Manchester, Department of Econometrics, Manchester / U.K., MA in Econometrics
1974-1978 Director, Research Division, Social Planning Department, Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation (SPO)
1978-1979 Chairman, Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries
1978-1980 President, Prime Ministry State Institute of Statistics, Ankara
1979-1980 Chairman, National Productivity Centre
1980-1983 Lecturer, Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, Ankara
1982 Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University, Ankara/Turkey, Phd. in Econometrics
1983-1985 Managing Director, NASA, Construction and Trade Inc., Izmir / Turkey
  resort hotels, including area planning, infrastructure and super structure, in South Coast of Turkey)
1988-1993 Chairman, Belek Tourism Investors Association, Ankara / Turkey (Development of 28,000 touristic bed capacity
1998-2001 Member of the Board, Turkish Contractors Association (TMB)
1999-2004 Vice President, The Turkish Employers' Union Association of Construction Industries (INTES)
2001-2004 President, Economic and Financial Affairs Committee (TUSIAD)
 At Present:
 Investment and Business Development Coordinator, Mart1 Hotels and Marinas
 Board Member, Alarko Contracting Group, ISTANBUL
 Chairman of High Advisory Council, The Turkish Tourism Investors Association
 Member of the Board, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DE0K)
 Vice-Chairman, Turkish-Eurasian Business Council
 Chairman, Turkish-Kazakh Business Council
 Member of the Board, The Turkish Employers' Union of Construction Industries Association (INTES)
 Chairman, Auditing Committee, Confederation of Turkish Employers Unions Association (TISK)
2001-2004 Member of the Board, Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen s Association (TUSIAD)

Dr. Gerfried SPERL

Consulting editor, Der Standard, Wien

 Studium der Germanistik, Anglistik und Philosophie an der Universität Graz
bis 1982 Journalist der "Kleinen Zeitung"
1982-1987 Chefredakteur der "Südost-Tagespost"
1987-1988 Stellvertretender Chefredakteur des "Kurier"
1988 Mitbegründer des "Standard"
1992-2007 Geschäftsführender Chefredakteur der Tageszeitung "Der Standard"