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Trust between Individuals and States

Plenary / Panel
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Professor of Organizational Behavior, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis Abstract
Establishing trust is critical for the success of a leader, particularly under times of adversity. In recent years, however, trust has become especially difficult to develop and maintain for business and political leaders. My remarks will consider this issue by covering the latest thinking and scientific research on three questions: Why is trust so critical for leaders? What factors determine whether individuals trust leaders? And, if trust is damaged, how can it be repaired? I will also discuss the extent to which these ideas apply to trust between individuals and trust in institutions.
Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Prishtina
High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations, Geneva
Vice-Chancellor, Federal Minister of Finance of the Republic of Austria, Vienna
Director, European Academy Berlin Abstract
Trust between people and relationships of reliance between states
The topic encompasses different notions of trust: One being faith, people have in their governments; the other refers to trustful behaviour between people and thirdly, it focuses on relationships of reliance between states.
The basis of a each [democratic] state is the faith of its citizens in both its institutions and stakeholders. In cases trustworthiness degenerates into mere hope, the state assumes characteristics of authoritarianism or a failing state.
Trust is a core value of social intercourse; it is a symbolic commodity, which may even produce tangible economic results. When linked to social capital, relationships of reliance allow the human to deal with complexities that outgo rationalistic reasoning.
Trust between states is essential for cooperation. It is sustained by institutions and international regimes. Those belittling or blocking them are taking a risk to be ousted.
Editor-in-Chief, Der Standard,, Vienna Chair

Dr. Kurt T. DIRKS

Professor of Organizational Behavior, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

1990 BBA, Iowa State University
1993 MS, Iowa State University
1997 Ph.D., University of Minnesota
1997-1998 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1998-2001 Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
since 2001 Professor of Organizational Behavior, Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Enver HOXHAJ

Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Prishtina

 Enver Hoxhaj studied at the Vienna University from 1994 to 2000, where he received his PhD in History, while also serving as Fellow at Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights. Since then he was as Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Vienna. From 2003 to 2004 he has been visiting Research Fellow of the London School of Economics, Centre for Study of the Global Governance. His publications on Southeast European subjects include studies and papers on history and politics of ethnic conflicts, nationalism, human rights violations, international intervention and governance, which have been published in different western journals and books.
 Currently Enver Hoxhaj is the Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosova and a Member of the Assembly of Kosova.

Navanethem PILLAY

High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations, Geneva

1962-1966 University of Natal (BA & LLB)
1967 First woman to start a law practice in Natal Province, South Africa; Defense attorney for many anti-apartheid activists
1967-1995 Attorney and Conveyancer, High Court of South Africa
1980 Lecturer, University of KwaZulu-Natal
1982-1988 Harvard University (Masters and Doctorate juridical science)
1985 Co-founded international women's rights group Equality Now
1995 Vice-President, Council of University of Durban Westville
1995 Acting Judge, High Court of South Africa
1995-1999 Judge, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
1999-2003 President, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
2003-2008 Appeals Division Judge, International Criminal Court in the Hague
since 2008 High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations, Geneva


Vice-Chancellor, Federal Minister of Finance of the Republic of Austria, Vienna

1978-1983 University of Vienna, Law Faculty; 1983 Graduation as Doktor iuris - Doctor of Law
1982-1983 Assistant Lecturer and Researcher, Institute of Criminal Law, University of Vienna
1983-1984 Judge's Assistant at several Courts of Law in Vienna
1984-1987 Civil Servant for the Federal State Lower Austria; employed in the Headquarter as well as in the Country Councils of Gmünd and Baden
1987-1990 Member in the Cabinet of the Minister of Defence
1989-1991 Speaker on European Relations, ÖAAB, the Employees' Association of the Austrian People's Party - ÖVP
1990-1993 Trainee Programme, Federation of Austrian Industrialists, including Work Experience at Alcatel Austria, Siemens and the Austrian Power Industry, as well as a four-months internship in Germany
1991 Deputy Head, ÖAAB
1992-1993 Member, Federal Chamber in the Austrian Parliament
1993-1994 GiroCredit (Austrian bank), employed within the Secretary of the Board; Strategic Management
1993-1995 MP - Member of the National Assembly
1995-1996 MEP - Member of the European Parliament (ÖVP-EVP), Brussels, Member in the Parliamentary Committee on Economics, Currency Issues and Industrial Policy, Deputy Member in the Committee for Social Issues and Employment
since 1996 MP - Member of the National Assembly in the Austrian Parliament
1996-2006 Party's Speaker on Foreign Affairs, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs
since 1998 Chairman, NÖAAB (ÖAAB of Lower Austria)
2000-2007 Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
2000-2006 Deputy Parliamentary Group Leader, Austrian People´s Party
2002-2006 Head, Austrian Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
2006-2008 2nd President, Austrian National Council
2008-2013 Federal Minister for European and International Affairs
since 2009 Head, ÖAAB
since 2011 Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Austria and Head of ÖVP
since 2013 Federal Minister of Finance


Director, European Academy Berlin

1975 Diploma in Sociology, University of Marburg
1976 Teacher s exam (Staatsexamen) for the subjects Political Science and German Language and Literature, Marburg
1978 Ph. D. (Dr. phil.), University of Marburg
1978-1981 Lecturer and Deputy Head at the Institute for Intereuropean Studies in Berlin
1981-1989 Director of the Institute for Intereuropean Studies in Berlin
1989-1993 Head of the Film Department in the Office of the Governing Mayor of Berlin
since 1993 Director of the European Academy Berlin
since 1999 Lecturer at Freie Universität Berlin (Political Science)
since 2005 Professor for Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin


Editor-in-Chief, Der Standard,, Vienna

1989-1993 Studium Publizistik, Politik, Geschichte
1996 Promotion
ab 1990 Der Standard, zuerst Mitarbeit in Linz und Wien
1993-1998 Deutschland-Korrespondentin
1998-1999 Mitglied in der außenpolitischen Redaktion
1999-2005 Deutschland-Korrespondentin
2005 EU-Korrespondentin in Brüssel
2006 Ressortleiterin Wirtschaft
seit 2007 Chefredakteurin, Der Standard
seit 2012 Co-Herausgeberin, Der Standard und
seit 2013 Chefredakteurin,

Political Symposium

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