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Waldbad – Air is food!

Off.Space Hallenbad
Plenary / Panel
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Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, Bernhard König and Markus Jeschaunig will reflect upon their installation in the offspace:swimming pool, “Forest Pool – Air as a Nutrition Source”, as well as the project breathe.austria, the Austrian contribution to the Expo 2015 in Milan. Their aim is to allow air to be experienced by all the senses and to discuss it as an important good for our society from a political and architectonic perspective.

Project Manager, European Forum Alpbach, Vienna Chair

Mag.a Charlotte STEENBERGEN

Project Manager, European Forum Alpbach, Vienna

2002-2009 Political Science, University of Vienna
2006-2008 Staff Member, Grünzeux, Vienna
2009 Exhibition Guide, Verein Gedenkdienst, Vienna
2010 Pre-conference Officer, International AIDS Society, Vienna
2010-2011 Staff Member, Preventas, Hamburg
2011-2014 Sponsoring and Fundraising, Plant-for-the-Planet, Munich
since 2015 Project Manager, European Forum Alpbach, Vienna

Built Environment Symposium

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