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Statement on the current political crisis in Ukraine

The European Forum Alpbach has stood up for peace and stability in Europe since 1945 and has always raised its voice in critical situations. This is still the case today. Our General Assembly is deeply concerned about the tense political situation in Ukraine. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the political power games in this country evoke memories of the Cold War.

In the last ten years, many young people from Ukraine and Russia have participated in the European Forum Alpbach. Just like the European Forum Alpbach, our initiative groups and clubs in Kiev, Lviv and Moscow are dedicated supporters of a democratic society and of mutual respect. However, democracy, human rights and international law are under great pressure in Ukraine today.

In such a critical situation, it is of fundamental importance to support those forces who build on dialogue and mutual understanding. Thinking in spheres of influence and political blocks is against the fundamental values of European democracies and of the European Union.

The European Forum Alpbach thus calls on the political decision-makers in Moscow to reconsider their unilateral actions and breaches of international treaties. Belligerence and intimidation has to stop on both sides immediately. Maps must not be drawn with violence.

The European Forum Alpbach believes that strengthening human rights, cultural networks, civil society cooperation and economic exchange are the core elements of good neighbourly relations with Ukraine in the long run.