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Alpbach Team

It’s 8am and you can hear people singing in the Congress Centre Alpbach? You’re surprised that there’s light in the office at 3am? Hundreds of program hours later, you wonder how we manage to keep every corner of the new Congress Building shiny and clean? These are traces of the staff of the EFA16: over 70 helpers and employees who work around our Managing Director, Philippe Narval.

Team Alpbach (Photo: Andrej Pungovschi)

The members of the Alpbach Team are easy to recognise: they don’t go anywhere without their smart phones, they know the EFA16 program by heart and always wear a smile. Why? Because they know what they’re doing, for they are naturally passionate about to-do lists, have a love for detail and understand the needs, big and small, of over 5000 visitors of the European Forum Alpbach.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in summer 2017!