24 August - 27 August

Lab Days

20220831 172644 War in Ukraine EU Enlargement EFA Andrei Pungovschi A

The Forum for innovative minds to deep dive, envision and co-create on a specific topic.

In the mornings, invited participants work on predetermined issues and find answers to specific questions. Hikes, chats, and stages characterise the Lab Days’ programme for all visitors and enable international exchange.


20220829 155343 Fighting For Truth EFA Maria Kirchner

Activist and Director for International Freedom of Expression Jilian York by the Stage Session "Fighting for the Truth: Ways to Stop Dis- and Misinformation".

20220830 132547 efa22 inclusive financial policies EFA Lukas Maier

Nobel Prize recipient Joseph Stiglitz and Vice President of the EFA Association Katja Gentinetta tackle the question of how to achieve fair financial policies.

220822 192938 efa22 Cheers to EFA22 by A1 c EFA Elisabeth Mandl

Social get together with snacks and drinks.

20220823 135148 efa22 european homeownership EFA Andrei Pungovschi

Boris Vujčić, Croatian economist, university professor, and the Governor of the Croatian National Bank in a spontaneous session.

20220828 164839 efa22 crises failing to see the long term wood for the short term trees EFA Philipp Huber

Stage Session with Josep Borrell Fontelles, High Representative and Vice-President of the European Commission.

20220829 174114 Future of Russia EFA Andrei Pungovschi

Ivan Krastev, Chair of the Board of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Kirill Rogov, Fellow of the Institute for Human Sciences and Michael Kofman, Research Program Director, Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) at the chat session "The Future of Russia".

20220823 143752 efa22 hike building the future urban planning and the green transition EFA Philipp Huber

Hike session "Building (for) the Future: Urban Planning and the Green Transition" with Skovbakke Villadsen, Associate Partner and Director at Gehl.

20220829 170914 Farm Fork Fighting Carbon EFA Maria Kirchner

Villani Cedric, Former Member of the National Assembly of France, by the Network Session "Farm, Fork & Fighting Carbon".

Line up of our highlight sessions

Why Women Should Run the World?

Women have historically been underrepresented in leadership roles and have faced various forms of discrimination and barriers to accessing high-ranking positions. Studies have shown that women bring collaborative leadership styles and a focus on social issues that can lead to more equitable and inclusive policies. How do they overcome the obstacles they face? How can women set their own agenda and shape their respective fields?

How Will AI Shape Humanity and Vice Versa?

Artificial intelligence both augments and disrupts human capacities and activities. Due to the speed and process of the AI revolution, humanity might struggle to adapt. Changes due to AI might be perceived as new freedoms or dangerous dependencies. As this coexistence of humanity and AI becomes the new normal, how will our lives change? What will it mean to be human in the age of AI?

New Ways of Enforcing the Rule of Law in Europe

Enforcing the rule of law is crucial for maintaining a democratic and stable civil society in Europe. Unfortunately, the EU faces challenges in applying its own rule of law mechanism. Are there better or new approaches and tools to uphold the rule of law in Europe?

From Start-up to Scale-up in Europe: Afraid of Growing Up?

To keep up with the pace of technological and environmental change and stay in the game, Europe has to rely on fast growing start-ups. Financing and scaling up new solutions require a mix of financial instruments. How can Europe create a broad entrepreneurial ecosystem? How can capital be deployed so that our economies are supported by European technologies, ideas, solutions and products?

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About European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is a space and place for the emergence of reflection and action.

It brings together young people from Europe and from all over the world with the most innovative minds from politics, business, civiI society, culture, and science to drive ideas for a strong and democratic Europe.

With this diverse, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary community, the Forum influences key actors throughout the European continent to facilitate their learning and decisions.

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Last year, close to 3,800 participants from around 100 nations, among them 600 young scholarship holders, came to Alpbach to engage in debate and find common solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

European Forum Alpbach brings together young people from Europe and from all over the world with the most innovative minds from politics, business, civil society, culture, and science to drive ideas for a strong and democratic Europe.

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