/SPALENA/ Opening

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
/SPALENA/ Opening

Tuesday, 23 August
30 minutes
First come first serve

The name of the exhibition is a transliteration of the Ukrainian adjective "spalena" in its feminine singular form, meaning "something burnt in a fire". In Ukrainian, the word more commonly signifies "burnt dwelling", "burnt wheat" or "burnt land". These dreadful images emphasize the contrast between the breathtaking landscapes of Alpbach and those of present-day Ukraine, which are as picturesque, but no longer as peaceful. © Yana Barinova, Curators Quote //INFO: In case of heavy rain, the session takes place at Otto-Molden-Foyer.


Yana Barinova

Project Manager for European Policies and Ukrainian Relations ERSTE Foundation

Lina Barinova