Jo De Boeck

Executive Vice President & CSO, imec

Jo De Boeck received his engineering degree in 1986 and his PhD degree in 1991 from the University of Leuven. Since 1991 he is a staff member of imec (Leuven). In his research career, he has been leading activities on integration of novel materials at device level and new functionalities at systems level. In 2003 he became Vice President at IMEC for the Microsystems division and in 2005 started Holst Centre (Eindhoven), an open innovation initiative by imec and TNO. He currently is Managing Director of imec’s activities in The Netherlands. From 2010 he headed imec’s Smart Systems and Energy Technology Business Unit. In 2011 he became Chief Technology Officer and in 2018 he was appointed Chief Strategy Officer. He is member of imec’s Executive Board. In his current role he manages the internal imec.invest portfolio, heads the imec Venture and spin-off activities and supports the long term strategy through funded projects, investment in talent and strategic academic relationships.

Jo De Boeck on the Schedule 2022