Volker Kozok

Cyber Security Specialist and First Chairman
Network for Cyber Intelligence

Volker Kozok is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the German Armed Forces and the director of the association “Netzwerk für Cyber Intelligence e.V.” He worked more than 30 years as a Cyber Security Staff Officer, responsible für security audits, data privacy, Incident Management & IT-forensics and for cyber security in the IT-systems for the military intelligence service. He organized the first computer forensic training and planned and built-up the Computer Emergency Response Team of the Federal Armed Forces. He is an experienced cyber security expert and a ethical Hacker. He was the head of delegation of the yearly US-Studytour, an information exchange between cyber experts in the US and security leaders from German Armed Forces and German Industry. He is the Conference Director of the “International Bulletproofhosting & Botnet Conference“ and the new “Cyber Intelligence Conference”.

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