Veronika Kütt

Strategic Consultant

Veronika, a strategist and auto-didact is merging her mathematic-analytical skills with her empathic side to bridge different ecosystems. She strategically consults companies on how to position in the fast-changing digital world, with a focus on Bitcoin and the adjacent areas of Business Development and Marketing. Veronika is a very active and recognized member within the Bitcoin community and envisions having Bitcoin established as a parallel, global, non-inflatable monetary network that enables us to smoothly transition to the next evolutionary step of money and might also be a catalyst for rethinking global governance structures. She gained extensive experience as a manager and in business development at several blockchain-related companies. In addition, Veronika lectures on Bitcoin and cryptoassets at several universities, including Frankfurt School of Finance and is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Veronika Kütt on the Schedule 2022

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