Petra Schaper-Rinkel

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Vice Rector for Digitalisation, University of Graz

Petra Schaper Rinkel is Professor of Science and Technology Studies of Digital Transformation and Vice Rector for Digitalisation at the University of Graz, where she is currently establishing the IDea_Lab - The Interdisciplinary Digital Lab of the University of Graz. Previously, she was in charge of European research projects in the field of future technologies and foresight at the AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology - in Vienna, where she established the advisory activities for the Austrian and European Parliaments in the field of foresight and technology assessment. She explores possible futures at the intersection of technology, politics and society, as well as methods of anticipating and shaping futures. Her current research focuses on politics and the future of the digital with a focus on artificial intelligence and possible futures of innovation ecosystems in the digital platform society.

Petra Schaper-Rinkel on the Schedule 2022