Beatrix Wepner

Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

DI Dr. Beatrix Wepner (PhD, female) has joined the AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, in 2010 as scientist at the Center for Innovation Systems & Policy and has been involved in or managed a number of national and European funded studies and foresights. The studies focused on topics like value chain analysis, manufacturing technologies like additive manufacturing, laser technology orenergy and resource efficiency strategies. She was strongly engaged in Fit4Food2030, a H2020 project on “Fostering Integration and Transformation for FOOD 2030” with a focus on identification of trends, barriers and breakthroughs in the food system. Also, AIT has taken a lead role to set up policy labs to foster food system transformation in this project. In general, Beatrix Wepner`s work areas at AIT are monitoring and detecting emerging issues and emerging technologies as well as supporting roadmapping and foresight processes. She brings extensive experience in the field of cluster management from her previous engagements.

Beatrix Wepner on the Schedule 2022