Club Alpbach Burgenland


Since 2006, the Club Alpbach Burgenland has been engaged in promoting young people from the eastern region of Austria to participate as scholarship holders at the European Forum Alpbach. The scholarship holders come from various professional backgrounds: for example young musicians, lawyers, teachers, and scientists have participated at the forum. They are very proud of the diversity of their participants, who contribute to the forum. Many of the scholarship holders stay active members even after their participation at the forum. It is very important to them to bring the spirit of Alpbach and the idea of the forum, namely cooperation and teamwork on a European and national level, to the Burgenland throughout the year. Therefore, they organize several interesting events, to bring the community closer together and to welcome new members. They recognize the potential young people from our region have and make it their mission to connect them and bring them together at the European Forum Alpbach.

Get in touch

For more information or sponsoring activities please contact the following club members:

  • Anna Ringauf, President
  • Agnes Pauer, Secretary General
  • Anna Hechenblaickner, Vice President