An overview of the EFA23 modules

EFA23 Programme Structure v22
19 A 20 A

Euregio Days

The Forum for people who want to find regional solutions to global problems.

The people of the Tyrol/South Tyrol/Trentino Euroregion gather in Alpbach. On 19 August, outstanding research and innovation will be awarded and on 20 August “Tyrol Day” is a festive highlight. Both days are free of charge.

19 A 24 A

Alpbach Seminars

The Forum for outstanding young talents to learn, debate and engage.

Each year, EFA awards about 600 scholarships to young people. The Alpbach Seminars offer five days of inspirational and thought-provoking sessions. This year, tickets for individual participants will also be available for purchase.

24 A 27 A

Lab Days

The Forum for innovative minds to deep dive, envision and co-create on a specific topic.

In the mornings, invited participants work on predetermined issues and find answers to specific questions. Hikes, chats, and stages characterise the Lab Days’ programme for all visitors and enable international exchange.

Do not miss out:

Listen to inspiring women shedding light on the way female leadership can shape good policymaking. “Why Women Should Run the World” features Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President of the Club of Rome and Margot Wallström, Sweden’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, among others. The stage also includes guest curator Yana Barinova, who will lead guided tours through the Arts and Culture programme “Fractured Futures” during the entire event.

How Will AI Shape Humanity and Vice Versa?” asks what it means to be human in a future of advanced artificial intelligence. At the hike “New Ways of Enforcing the Rule of Law in Europe” we will explore how the EU can improve its own mechanisms. Yet another hike looks into keeping the pace “From Start-up to Scale up” and whether Europe is afraid to grow up.

Moreover, Lab Days mark the EFA meeting point for foundations from different fields.

27 A 30 A

Europe in the World Days

The Forum for Europeans who drive ideas for a strong and democratic Europe.

Key actors of European politics, economy, science, and culture meet in Alpbach for the season kick-off. Together with young scholarship holders they debate the thematic tracks that Europe in the World is currently facing: Climate, Finance and Economy, Democracy, and Security. A variety of innovative formats shapes these four days, including hikes, chats, stages, workshops, and rituals.

Do not miss out:

Normalising Monetary Policy and Implications for Financial Stability” will provide the rare opportunity to see five central bank governors on a panel.

At our hike called “From Momentum to Climate Action” you will get the chance to talk about ways to reach substantial environment policies.

The leader of the opposition in Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, will be debating “Democracy vs. Autocracy – How can Democracy Win?” with Provost Sciences Po economist Sergei Guriev and others.

Oby Ezekwesili, President of Human Capital Africa, will come to Alpbach for a chat on “United but Alone: How to Rethink the EU’s Relations With the “Global South”?

Leonore Gewessler, the Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Minister for Europe Karoline Edtstadler and Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg from Austria will also be there. And the Erste Group invites to a big Social. Also note that there will be various sessions on Technology and Innovation within the Europe in the World Days, among others with Martin Polaschek, Minister of Science.

30 A 2 S

Austria in Europe Days

The Forum for those who shape Europe from an Austrian perspective.

To define Austria’s role in Europe and vice versa, the Austria in Europe Days mark the season opening of Austrian politics. Key actors of civil society, business, and parliament take part in the familiar EFA formats (hikes, chats, stages, workshops, rituals) in order to productively engage with each other and the next generation.

Do not miss out:

The struggle over the EU energy policy is addressed in Next Exit: Fossil Fuels?. Carmen Possnig, the first female astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) will discuss with you how Europe is “Keeping Pace in the New Space Race”. Look at the obstacles in the fight for womens’ rights in Iran and Afghanistan at a hike on “Feminist (Counter-)Revolutions”. In addition, “Today's Youth: No Finance, which Future?” is a chat about the financial challenges of the young generation. Also note the contributions of Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar and the Indian politician, author and former UN Under-Secretary-General Shashi Tharoor.

The Social “Cheers to EFA23 by A1“ offers a relaxed get-together in the beginning of this module. Special guests for the Austria in Europe Days will be President Alexander Van der Bellen and several members of the Austrian government, among them Martin Kocher, the Minister of Labour and Digital and Economic Affairs, Magnus Brunner, the Federal Minister of Finance, Norbert Totschnig, the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management and Alma Zadic, the Federal Minister of Justice.

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