Alpbach provides the unique atmosphere of the Forum. Enjoy comfortable mobility, services and leisure opportunities in the Alpbach Valley!

Know your way around

We are happy to welcome you on site: This is your comprehensive logistics guide through the European Forum Alpbach event 2024.


Journey to Alpbach

By Train and Bus

Public transport is the most convenient way to reach Alpbach. We recommend you to plan and book your journey with our mobility partner ÖBB, the Austrian Federal Railways: Together with our partner we expand the regional transport in the Alpbach area which makes travelling to Alpbach easy and quick.

Getting there: Wörgl in Tyrol, Austria, is the best train destination for further travel to Alpbach. You can also reach Alpbach from Jenbach in Tyrol. There are two options to reach Alpbach from these train stations:

  1. Take the shuttle bus line 1 or 2 from Wörgl or Jenbach train station to Alpbach.
  2. Take the regional train from Wörgl or Jenbach to Brixlegg. From there, bus line 4074 or one of our shuttle bus lines 1 or 2 will bring you to Alpbach.

At all train stations, you will find the bus stop for all lines in the direction to Alpbach in front of the station. For the Congress Centrum Alpbach, get off at the bus stop “Alpbach Böglerhof/CCA”. Traveling with the regional bus lines is free of charge with your EFA ticket and/or confirmation of your accommodation reservation.

Train ticket discounts: The Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB grants a discount on your travel to Alpbach. Registration entitles you to a 22% discount on the ÖBB standard fare, to 10% off the international standard-fare and to a special price on the ÖBB Night Jet. Use this link and enter the TAN code KLY4DX. You will then be able to register as a new customer using your e-mail address and book your journey. If you have an existing ÖBB account, please use a new E-mail address to register for the Congress Account.

By Car

The Inn valley motorway (A12) takes you to Alpbach: exit the motorway at Kramsach/Alpbachtal. From there it is 9 km via Brixlegg to the village centre of Alpbach. As there are no parking facilities at the Congress Centrum Alpbach, we recommend using the car park at the entrance of the village (just before the Supermarket “SPAR”) or at best leave your car at the accommodation.

For electric cars, there are filling stations in the village centre (opposite to Böglerhof) and at the fire station (opposite Spar supermarket). More filling stations for electric cars: Electromobility in the Alpbachtal I Tyrol

By Plane

The EFA event is a certified “green meeting”. We encourage you to choose your transportation accordingly and abstain from flights.

Innsbruck Airport (INN), Austria
The nearest airport is Innsbruck (approx. 60 km from Alpbach). Take the bus F (towards Kaplanstraße) to Innsbruck main station (“Hauptbahnhof”). The bus runs every 15–30 minutes, and the ride from the airport to Innsbruck main station takes approx. 15 minutes. From Innsbruck main station, take a train to Wörgl, Brixlegg or Jenbach. The ride takes 30–50 minutes. For connections from Wörgl, Brixlegg and Jenbach see above “Getting there with Public Transport”.

Munich Airport (MUC), Germany
From Munich Airport use the train line S8 to the station “München Ost / Ostbahnhof”. From there take the train (IC or EC) directly to Wörgl.

For your train travel planning, we recommend booking with our mobility partner “ÖBB” as explained above at “By Train and Bus”

Mobility in Alpbach

As its main venue, the Congress Centrum Alpbach is located in the centre of the Alpbach village and is easily accessible by public transport: The bus stop Alpbach Böglerhof/CCA brings you right next to the Congress Centrum Alpbach, Number 246, 6236 Alpbach.

Together with our mobility partner ÖBB we have condensed the mobility offers from 17 to 30 August 2024 in the Alpbach region.

We aim to provide a comfortable and fast travel between the accommodation and the Congress Centrum for all participants. These are our supplement mobility offer during the event:


In addition to the regular bus lines 602 and 620, a free transfer is running several times a day on the route Wörgl or Jenbach–Brixlegg–Reith–Alpbach–Inneralpbach to the Congress Centrum Alpbach in cooperation with the ÖBB. The journey with all bus lines is free of charge with your EFA ticket and/or confirmation of your accommodation reservation.

Free Shuttle Taxis

For accommodations that are not within walking distance of a bus stop on shuttle bus line 1 or 2, the European Forum Alpbach, in cooperation with local taxi companies, offers free shuttle taxis. They will take you to/ from the bus stop Brixlegg or Reith Dorfmitte to your accomodation. The regions are operated by different taxi companies, depending on the region. Please book your ride 45 min. in advance and show your badge to the driver.

Provider for the region Brixlegg, Münster, Kramsach, Rattenberg, Strass

Taxi Tirol: +43 676 88 65 65 100

Provider for the region Reith

Taxi Moser: +43 5336 5616 or +43 664 315 2300

Special Rate Shared Taxis

Special rate shared taxis are available to pick you up at your accommodation and take you to the Congress Centrum Alpbach and back. In order to offer you a special rate, the ride is carried out as a shared taxi. Please report your travel request at least 45 minutes before the desired departure time and show your badge to the driver.

Taxi Moser: +43 5336 5616 or +43 664 315 2300

Rates for single use/group use

  • Alpbach <-> Inneralpbach = EUR 16,00/EUR 8,00 per person
  • Alpbach <-> Reith = EUR 24,00/EUR 12,00 per person
  • Alpbach <-> Brixlegg = EUR 25,00/EUR 15,00 per person
  • Alpbach <-> Radfeld/Rattenberg = EUR 30,00/EUR 17,00 per person
  • Alpbach <-> Kramsach = EUR 30,00/EUR 17,00 per person


The following taxi companies offer reduced rates to participants of the European Forum Alpbach:


After having registered successfully, every European Forum Alpbach participant will receive a confirmation and a link to the room reservation platform. This central platform was created especially for guests of the Forum by the European Forum Alpbach, Alpbach Tourismus GmbH and the local providers. The room reservation centre uses the entire range of rooms from the Alpbachtal region available to the European Forum Alpbach. All accommodations can be reached easily by public transport.

Please note that you can only book a room via the room reservation centre after you have received your ticket code for the European Forum Alpbach event!


We offer childcare on site so you can participate in the European Forum Alpbach event and spend time with your family at the same time. We welcome children from 3 to 14 years of age. Please note that the children must be diaper free!

Childcare is available for all event participant’s children from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. between 18 and 30 August. Register your child as soon as possible (or at the latest two days in advance) via


The European Forum Alpbach pursues inclusion, i.e. the natural and equal participation of all people in social activities. Although the annual event takes place in a mountain village with steep streets, we strive for accessibility wherever possible. Our main event venue - Congress Centrum Alpbach - is barrier free. Find more information on the Congress Centrum Alpbach website.

Most of our event venues are largely barrier-free and therefore accessible for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. However, the Hike format, is unsuitable for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities in some areas. We invite blind and visually impaired people, as well as people with hearing impairments or other accessibility needs and issues, to contact our team to find reasonable accommodations for them and make other arrangements so that we can provide them with the highest level of accessibility for the sessions they wish to attend.

Your EFA contact for accessibility: Victoria Pieler

+43 676 83 62 42 16


It is of utter importance to the European Forum Alpbach that all event participants feel welcome and safe. To uphold the principles of the EFA Code of Conduct, an ombudsteam has been established.

The two ombudspersons (Nick Jakobs and Sophie Rendl) are experts in psychosocial counselling, anti-discrimination and the Austrian legal system. They will be present throughout the entire event.

Tasks of the Ombudsteam

  • Handling reported cases in agreement with the affected persons.
  • Dialogue and support for the persons concerned.
  • Mediating between the EFA, scholarship holders, participants and the Forum Alpbach Network
  • Raising awareness and educating about the Code of Conduct, anti-discrimination and measures against harassment at the EFA.
  • Training of Code of Conduct multipliers at the EFA (e.g. EFA team, participants in the awareness initiative "Your Aware friend at EFA").
  • Annually reviewing and developing the Code of Conduct to adapt to socio-political conditions.
  • Deriving structural measures from individual cases, which are implemented jointly with the EFA.

How the Ombudsteam Works

In the case management of reports or possible violations against the Code of Conduct, actions are taken quickly, precisely, and cautiously to clarify the situation, protect and support those affected, provide clear action options, choose the appropriate path for all parties involved, implement appropriate consequences, prevent future transgressions, and restore a safe environment for the affected person. It is important that the focus remains on the affected individuals and that the Ombudsteam's actions contribute to improving the situation.

No action is taken without the consent of the affected person!

Persons whose native language is not German can communicate in English. The responsibility for harassment and assault always lies with the harasser, and the authority to interpret harassment lies with those affected. The perspective of those affected is considered sensitively and respectfully, and complaints and wishes are taken seriously.

Every case is handled, regardless of whether it is ongoing or from the past, as a case is never closed for the affected individuals. The Ombudsteam operates with absolute confidentiality in a protected environment, calmly and clearly, in compliance with GDPR, task-oriented according to the needs of the affected individuals, impartial in the interest of the reporting and affected person, independent and non-corporate, as well as networked and cooperative.

Who is the Ombudsteam?

Sophie Rendl studied law and is an expert in violence prevention and anti-discrimination as well as co-founder of Frauendomäne – a database for women experts. Most recently, she was in charge of setting up the vera* trust centre against harassment and violence in art, culture and sports.

Nick Jakobs is a psychotherapist in training, has been working in clubbing culture for 10 years and is the founder of the awareness team in a Viennese nightclub.

What happens when someone reaches out?

When a concern is raised, people should identify themselves in order to facilitate communication; however, they can also remain anonymous. The ombudsteam guarantees the protection of identity from third parties. After a report is made, we discuss what has happened. A face-to-face meeting can be arranged if the initial contact was made by telephone or via a signal. The person concerned is given an initial assessment of the case and the available options for action are outlined. A joint decision is made on how to proceed and other people are involved if necessary and desired.


If you or someone else feels unsafe or unwelcome, or if you feel that someone has violated the Code of Conduct, please contact the ombuds team.


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The village of Alpbach in Tyrol has been name-giving and hosting the European Forum Alpbach event since 1945. Set in the midst of the Tyrolean Alps in Austria, this mountain village vibrates a unique and inspirational atmosphere far away from the stress of the big city. In addition to its exciting schedule, the Forum invites you to slow down and recharge in the Alpbach Valley. The picturesque scenery is characteristic to the Forum: Unconventional formats like Hikes spark ideas that go beyond the usual ways of thinking. The Alpine surroundings invite the participants to engage in direct and open discourse, casually creating networks while at the same time having the chance to relax. This setting makes the European Forum Alpbach a one-of-a-kind experience for the thought-leaders and key actors of Europe. Alpbach combines brilliant minds and breathtaking nature. Find more details about activities in and around Alpbach on the website of Alpbach Tourism.