Green Meeting

The European Forum Alpbach is proud to commit to the guidelines of the Austrian Eco-label in order to be able to be considered a "Green Meeting" or "Green Event".

Overall, we strive to save resources and act in an environmentally conscious manner in all operational areas. Amongst other initiatives, this includes using public transport to avoid individual transport or reducing printed brochures.

Therefore, we would like to invite you as our partner to contribute to this initiative in your Partner Session as well as your public appearance. Thank you in advance for your efforts!

What you must adhere to:

Waste Separation

The requirements of the local waste management system apply for all events at the Congress Centrum Alpbach. The required collection containers are provided by the Congress Centrum Alpbach.

Print Materials

During the European Forum Alpbach, there is no possibility of placing printed materials at the Congress Centrum Alpbach or at sessions. In the event of special arrangements, the removal or return of unused printed material must be ensured at the exhibitor’s expense. The day of their departure, participants can give back their event badges for recycling at the reception desk in Congress Centrum Alpbach.


The number of give-aways is reduced as much as possible. All give-aways that are still distributed are without battery or battery operation and are not packed. They consist of environmentally friendly and natural materials and carry a recognised seal of approval (e.g. environmental label, organic seal, fair trade seal).

What we invite you to consider:


  • Overall reduction of materials needing transport and storage
  • Reuse of all promotional material (roll-ups, stands, decoration)
  • Use of environmentally friendly (domestic wood, natural fibres) or certified goods (e.g. eco-labels, organic labels, fair trade seals); no plastic bags, plastic packaging or disposable products (e.g. dishes, PET bottles, cans)

Print Materials

  • Transition to electronic information sharing (e.g. download links)
  • Discontinuation of flyers- and print-material distribution


  • Preference for regional and organic products
  • Offer of vegetarian alternatives


  • Use of public transport – or if within walking distance in town, please walk.

Person in charge at the European Forum Alpbach: Anna Köhler